What Audio Editing Software is everyone using?

Hey guys, I'm looking for software similar to LOGIC PRO, but for the pc. Logic is one of the best audio editors/loop composition software iv ever used, however its only for mac. I'm looking for similar software for the pc.
Iv been told Adobe Audition is quite good.
What do you guys think?


  • I use Steinbergs WAVELAB since several years - I am fully satisfied with that. Even the Wavelab Elements Version is a good choice. Depends as usual on your needs.
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    Steinberg Cubase is the most powerful and most used audio software for pc.
    A full license is a bit expensive though.
    Some other really good programs are:
    - Pro Tools
    - Ableton
    - Sony Acid
    I never used Adobe Audition myself but I heard good things about it.
  • How about Sound Forge? I think it is pretty good!
  • Cake Walk Sonar is the best Audio for the PC, but a little hard to use.... You can get a liscense for around 100 USA Dollars or lest.. Chad
  • I've tried a software called Acoustica MixCraft.
    A lowbudget cubase. That's rather for mixing.
    For audio there is Audacity and a new one:
    Power Sound Editor Free. (and maybe upgrade is necessary for pro, for advanced functions)
    For music composing, I like a tracker, called MadTracker.
    An oldschool tool but uses VST plugins, and rewire.
  • Check out Reaper. A lot cheaper than most DAWs, but very good and flexible. Note though that it doesn't come with a bunch of instruments/VSTi's, so you'd need to buy those seperately (or go for freeware ones).
    I own both Reaper and Sonar 8.5, and even though Sonar is much more expensive, nowadays I favour working in Reaper. For audio editing I also use Adobe Audition.
  • I came from a music background to making animations etc so I use Traction 2 for sound editing. It's got unlimited tracks (depending on RAM) and is very flexible. I have a ton of IK Multimedia sound engines like Soundtank XL and Miroslav Orchestra which I run through a Line 6 UX21 (I think) so one day I'll probably make music for some of my projects.
    I used Traction for editing soundtracks for my 2 Lego Star Wars shorts on the FXHome Cinema but from now on I think I'll use Sony SoundForge (awesome piece of software and really processor light) and HitFilm Ultimate
  • ;) I just use movie maker, get some sounds, overlap them together (by getting lots of saved footage (sound) and continually adding, and duplicating, and I use websites to get the sounds for free, coz I can't run any software (anymore) on my laptop!! :(
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    I'd look at Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, or Propellerhead Reason. Pro Tools is as close to an industry standard as there is, I think, but the full version usually requires hardware to go along with it, so is pretty expensive. I assume, since you mention Logic Pro as a comparison, that you are looking for a full-on editor, and not something to compare with Logic Express, or other capable but somewhat limited editors?
  • I got Sound forge with my Sony Vegas pro editor and so far I've been happy using it.
  • i use Fruity loops. it's nothing special but the trial is fully functioning (albeit with the inability to save files) you can't go wrong with free stuff!
  • I use Studio One 3, plus Reaper and Ableton occasionally. What I would really LOVE to see Hitfilm support is Rewire. If we could get the audio synced between our DAW of choice (most if not all support Rewire) and Hitfilm, we could compose soundtracks while compositing, adding in audio and midi tracks as needed and keeping the playheads in sync no matter where you change it. I am not sure how this would all work with Hitfilm exactly :) so honestly, the concept could be flawed, but it has been on my request list for a while. 

  • +1 for Reaper.  Stable, low cpu, great built in plug ins and you can add your own VST's for synths, drums etc (either paid or free).

    Reaper can be downloaded and trialled free, and is a fraction of the price for a full licence of most other DAW's and is fully featured.

  • I happen to do Audio edits mostly in Vegas, shifting to Sound Forge if I need to bake in effects or use some advanced editing features Vegas lacks. 

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    I have seen many audio software but I personally prefer to use Wavepad. It mas very nice features and it is very easy to use. You can also check out my website with best audio software in it.

  • +1 for Reaper, which seems to be very popular with sound designers, but Alex's point that ProTools is kind of a standard for editing is true.  If you are working with PremierePro the Audition integration is nice (it's the only thing I miss about Premiere these days).

  • This is a thread from 2011 - nine years ago! Much has change in all those year, probably better to start a new one.


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