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I'm making an intro video about myself. I'm sitting in my living room where the wall behind me doesn't look very good. How can I use a different background? I would really appreciate a quick reply for I've been looking for hours and became highly confused between 'layers', 'green screen' and so on. 

Thanks so much!! 


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     @angelhart Google is your friend. Just do a search for "how to green screen".  Lots of info out there.  But basically you just need some green fabric, hang it behind you, shoot a light on it and then light yourself.  The "key" to having a good composite of you over the background is to have a good backlight behind you.  This separates you from the green and makes it easier to key.

  • Thanks very much Stargazer 54 and Triem 23 for your replies and help! I failed to mention that my video has already been shot with the ugly wall in the background. How can I change the background after the video has been shot? I'm new to editing and I'm trying to learn this particular aspect of it. I have no problem following a step by step process as long as I find the process that's addressing this question.  Triem 23, I had already watched the tutorials you suggested but they both talked about shooting videos with green screening but, as I mentioned, my video has been shot.

    I really appreciate your help!!

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    @angelhart I say get a greenscreen and re-shoot.

    Your only other option is rotoscoping. If masking around yourself then adjusting the mask for every frame sounds fun, have at it. If it sounds tedious and boring - it is. You'll probably spend more time on roto than it would take to re-shoot the video.

    Mocha Hitfilm can speed up your roto, since it's got more advanced tools, but that's a $50 add-on and it will STILL be faster to re-shoot.

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    Trust me. Just shoot it again with a green screen

    Starting in the editing world with rotoscoping will make you curse every sentient being on the planet, from the smallest ant to the remaining saints of our time. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    As @Hictor said, reshoot. You don't want to get into roto. It can take hours to roto a couple of seconds. I provided the tutorials for information, but it'll just be easier to reshoot. 

  • I understand. So, based on what I've been reading, if I re-shoot the video using a solid green background (green screen), it will be much easier to change the background in the post production phase into any other background I choose. Am I correct?

  • @angelhart Yes, that is 100 percent correct. Green is easiest because its further from human skin but a solid blue also works just dont wear blue jeans :)

  •  Thanks so much, tddavis  I really appreciate the help!! I've been researching the topic for the past 2 days and finally came to a definite answer to my delima

  • @angelhart You might also want to read a few short comments in the thread:

    I tried to give a basic lighting setup description there that might be useful if you haven't seen it.

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