Audio in "Atomic Particles Effect"

I was wondering if anyone's knows the benchmark regarding how effects  reacts to specific audio frequencies depending on what you Map to it.

For instance,  it would appear that some instruments in the lower frequency range of a sound track do not influence particle opacity very well., even if you do go up to dial up or down the corresponding attributes.

Truth be told - the internal properties of this specific function in Atomic Particles do require more explanation in the documentation. I can understand audio jargon, but if the developers can tell us how these specific attributes influence the range of behaviors available (example, Opacity works better when sounds are ....)

Otherwise,  it just feels waaaaaay too experimental. 


  • I feel the same, it could be slightly more briefed on.



    Connie R. Lawson

  • Mmh.  I will say the audio interaction they show in the promo videos looked awesome.  This video from majahr was impressive too.

  • @Dimipapa ;

    No one doubts how good this effect is. My only complaint is that we don't have proper documentation on how audio properties specifically react to audio .Like what influences particle opacity? Bass? Treble? That kind of stuff. 

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