Optical Flares Foreground Layer

Hey everyone,

I tried to use the Video Copilot Optical Flares Plugin in Hitfilm Pro because I wanted to make a flare behind an object and this should be possible withe the foreground layer option in the Optical Flares plugin. But every time when I want to apply a layer Hitfilm immediately crashes. 

Does anyone else have this problem?


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    Yep. That function will crash Hitfilm.

    A work around is to use the effect Set Matte-

    Optical Flare Layer 1 -

    • Optical Flares
    • Position Mode - Track Lights (use a spot light)
    • Set Matte - Make a Matte layer of the layer you want to occlude. Add a white plane to the bottom of the stack. Use curves on the image you want to occlude and crush the blacks. You end up with a white background and a black image of what you want to occlude. Drag that matte layer into your main comp and turn it off.  Set Matte - Source Layer - The matte you made. Matte Source - Luminance.
    • Additional - If you want God rays add Hitfilm's effect Light Rays

    Optical Flare Layer 2 - 

    • Optical Flares
    • Position Mode - Track Light
    • Edit the optical flare and remove all behind flares (the main flare assets) but keep iris assets. 

    Layer 3 -

    • Your main assets that you made the Matte from. I make this a comp with its own light(s) so that the Track Lights (spot light you made) won't illuminate the model.

    When you want to move both flares identically you can then just move the spot light you made. Made a very short video of the process (1/2 resolution). Hope it helps.




  • Gray! You're giving away all the secrets for free man! Somebody needs to give you a big Thank You. :-)

  • @DataDesign Thank you kindly! 👍

  • @GrayMotion I know I copy and pasted it and the video link to a doc for the archive!

  • @GrayMotion thank you very much! I hope they will fix it because the normal way look really good with the glow around the spot.


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    Greets Benexlo. In my short example I didn't really work on looks but rather just the mechanics of it.

    Remember you can build the Optical flares any way you want.


    If you bring the malfunction of the Foreground layer to FXHome support that would help a bunch towards getting it fixed. From what I can tell the team added the VC plugins but they have no idea how to use them.

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