Behavior tab not working

I recently updated to the latest version and now when I'm trying to edit the behavior for some reason I can't expand the tab. Clicking on the little green plus button just brings up this search window with nothing but "favorites" and "recent" and clicking  or searching does nothing. Did some feature change with the latest update? 


  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator

    @fxhomer218123 As long as you don't type something in the Search window you should see Recents, Favorites, Animation, & Behavior.   This is on ver. 14.3.  You could try dragging on a Behavior from the effects panel and see if that wakes up the window.  Or re-install.

    As always, system specs would be helpful.  If nothing clears it up and you are in spec then contact support


  • Just tested, it should show up. Are you trying to add to something in particular?, try new comp, add some text then add some behaviour see what happens?



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