Weeping Willow - A Hunger Games Fan Film

Hey guys,
Here is a Hunger Games fan film I’ve been working on called Weeping Willow. I co-directed it with a friend. From start to finish it took about 4 months and it's the biggest production I've ever done. :)  VFX were done in Blender and After Effects.


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    Not bad at all, pretty decent story, the setting is spot on, I like the vfx you did, nice camera work and editing too, it could use a little better acting in some parts (but that will naturally come over time if you work with the same actors consistently). Overall I would say I definitely enjoyed it, and I wish you luck on any competitions you enter it in.
  • Wow. Best Hunger Games fan film I've ever seen. Really loved this. 
    Where did you film - the scenery is spot on?
    The only feedback I'd have is that the speech audio at some points (most noticeably around 10:20 or so) is very loud. There doesn't seem to be any 'forest audio' in the background or anything on top of the music, so it sounds like everything has been recorded in a studio. Which it may well have because it's a nightmare to record audio outside, but still it SOUNDS like it has. Perhaps next time just include some surrounding audio and effects to match the exotic scenery?
  • Max, great job here, I haven't been a fan of a lot of Hunger Games Fan Films but this was quite good.  The effects were great and quite seamless. 
  • Excellently done! The ending was sad though. Here he volunteered to protect Willow and he wins. For this game- that's sad! :(
    Loved the cinematography and the fx were done very well. The one that caught my eye as most impressive was the arrow in the back at 5:33.
  • I haven't been able to watch all of this yet but it looks great so far. Very we'll executed. Did you use a drone for the various aerial (sp) shots?
  • Yep! A quadcopter with a GoPro.
  • Great idea, ar drone, phantom?
  • finally watched  it all. Very good indeed. I for one loved the sad ending. A refreshing change and more the way I like to go although not often a popular choice.  Can I ask how you created the platforms the tributes stood on at the beginning? Did you have all those actors or is that an effects shot? Are you going to do a behind the scenes of effect breakdown video? Sorry for all the questions but my daughter wants to do a hunger games fan film. It's a crossover which means it wont be as serious as yours but that's another story. I want to do as good a job as I can so I'm looking at your work as inspiration.  
  • Thanks! :) Yeah, all the pedestals were CGI elements done in Blender. The actors were just standing in the grass (which created lots of problems when trying to mask them :P). I think sometime I'm going to do a breakdown video, not sure when.
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    Hi DX6
     I wonder, do you know of any 3d sites that have hunger games 3d models? I'm specifically looking for the hovercraft if possible.
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