helper.js is being deleted causing hitfilm not to open

recently i updated hitfilm and it stopped working it oppened for half a second and  then closed it is something to do with the file helper.js please could you help me fix it


  • @joshlb Did you download HitFilm from our website? We have recently been made aware that some third party website was repackaging the installer with some malware that prevents HitFilm's activation to work properly. Please contact support and we can help you diagnose and fix the issue.

  • @CedricBonnier

    i downloaded it from the official website


  • i have contacted support but i accidentaly said i didn't need help in the wrong place

    should i make another support ticket? 

    many thanks


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  • @joshlb The forum doesn't have image hosting capabilities.  What we have been doing is uploading our images to a cloud site like Flickr, imgur, or personal drives like OneDrive or GoogleDrive and for video mostly Youtube.  Then we post a sharing link here in the forum. Some sites will post a thumbnail or preview image but a lot don't and just puts a link text here.  Hope this helps you out on posting your images.

  • ok thanks

  • how could i contact @AxelWilkinson?

  • he is doing my support ticket but i accidentally said it was fixed

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  • @tddavis got 'em! thanks for letting me know. @joshlb I'll try to let someone know, but can you not just respond in the ticket?

  • @thebennorris thank you @axelwilkinson has responded and is helping me :)

    thank you

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