Ignite Pro slows EDIUS start up and crashing

I have ignite 4.1.9221 and EDIUS Workgroup 9.51 and have two problems, which I wondered if anyone else was sufffering from:

  1. With Ignite installed EDIUS takes about 15 seconds longer to get past the splash screen.  You can see the loading bar stop half way.  If I just take the plugins out of the EDIUS plug in folder it starts quicker.  Is there anyway to improve this?  I tried excluding EDIUS and ignite folders from my anti-virus.
  2. I have been getting a lot of crashing - in particular when using the chromakey effect.  If I have a large project (1000 ish clips) with just a few Ignite effects included on some of the timelines on many occassions it will crash when loading the project.  Remove Ignite and the same project loads ok.  I have EDIUS installed on several systems and on some it works some of the time, but on most it will crash.  I did wonder if it was something to do with nVidia drivers but have tried a few - I have generally used the latest.  Has anyone else had this?


  • Sorry we’ve kinda left you in the dust... at this point, it would probably be best for you to contact Support. Be sure to include your system specs in your request.

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