[ANSWERED] Looking at a budget laptop for Hitfilm

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I have been looking out for a budget friendly option for an all around editing pc, a laptop would be ideal, but new they are waaay more $$$, so I was looking on Craigslist and found a gaming laptop which needs a little work, but parts included I can probably get for around 300$ (new battery, new ports board installation which I would do myself).


15.6" 1920x1080p Anti-Glare Display
Core i7-4710HQ
1TB Segate FireCuda SSHD Hybrid SSD/Hard Drive
128GB Toshiba M.2 Sata SSD
ac wifi and bluetooth
Windows 10

Modol, MSI GS60 

Would appreciate opinions on the hardware.


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    Not that great. If you already have solder equipment to perform the necessary adjustments but in all honesty, for $300, I still wouldn't buy it.

    Is the budget still $650 as per https://fxhome.com/forum/discussion/51833/would-this-be-a-good-pc-build-for-hitfilm#latest ? I'm not sure a second thread is a good idea because given your requirements, I do agree - a laptop would be better, but editing threads is available at any time so would reduce clutter to do it that way

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    @CNK ; I know I could have (and almost did) change the other thread, but I decided it was enough of a different subject (one a build, one a buy), to justify a second thread, If staff or mods think otherwiese, by all means  merge them and I'll re title it. 

    As to my budget, I was wanting to go for best value of lower end, I had originally wanted to keep it under 500$usd, but thats flexible, I understand that I am asking a bit much, but I don't need a top of the line editor, as I said in the other thread, for now this is only a hobby, I know there are 10k$ graphics cards out there, and I know I'm not going to get that for 400-800$, but I don't need that for my 2 minute vfx shortfilms. This (the laptop) was just something I saw for cheap due to its needing a little work (though it does function as is), I checked ebay and saw they were going for 500$-1200$, So I asked about the specs.

  • @LiamMcM1 When it comes to upgrading your system, the newer the better. While that ~2014 system has the power to contend with some low- to mid-end systems in 2020, a current computer of similar price would be much more bang for your buck, primarily due to  a longer amount of manufacturer support. A modern, new $300 system may even be faster in some areas compared to the old one. 

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    "While that 2014 system has the power to contend with some low- to mid-end systems in 2020"

    A current gen i3 is faster than that i7 from 2014 in single and multithread performance by a pretty big margin. As for GPU, more than double.

    @LiamMcM1 Okay then. Im not opposed to that idea, just would have been a bit easier for me. Now given your new outlook on things, im assuming youre set on buying a laptop so your last thread is no longer relevant?


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    No, both thread's are relivent, I'm still looking at building a pc/mobile desktop, I've just been considering both, but when  when you say, 'I'm not opposed to that' which idea were you referring to? Buying this laptop, buying a newer lower end laptop, or starting two threads? 

    Edit: I guess my real motivating question is, Is there a world of differance between this budget option and the other budget options out there or are they all more or less going to be on the same lower end levels? Pretty much anyithing will be better than what I use now, at the moment I use a four year old 250$ msrp notebook, that by some miracle runs hitfilm, but any 3d work locks up and closes the program.

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    Im not against 2 threads its just that renaming it and moving on to laptops would be a great idea. Now you said that youre interested in buying 1 of each, so what's your combined budget going to be, and how much of it will you allocate for a laptop purchase?

    "Buying this laptop, buying a newer lower end laptop,"

    That laptop isnt worth $300, not even used - its overpriced. $300 used should get you att least twofold performance of that because youre not buying a Mac which keeps their value over time. If a 750 Ti and the performance of a modern i3 (4c) is worth it to you, buy it. I used to work in semi retail meaning we bought broken stuff as well as new and repaired everything that needed to be repaired, and sold some - most often quick soldering jobs. If that laptop went on my desk and a colleague said $300 i would have shown him the door. Id set the price to at least half that. Fact is, GPU wise and CPU wise, they just cant compete with modern specs. 6 year old hardware is 2-3 years past obsolete in general terms, theres barely any demand at all mate.

    So, to quickly summarise. If youre buying a "new" PC, try to stay within ~2 year old hardware, thats where you will generally get the most value from your purchase. Used non certified laptops are hugely hit and miss when it comes to how well the Precious owner have maintained it. I have seen some pretty nasty stuff.

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    Sorry, I didn't make myself clear, when I said I was still looking at a pc build, I meant I was still waighing the pros and cons of each. So, what you say confirms the quick opinions of techy friend of mine,  so I'll steer clear of older laptops.

  • Okay, not a problem. If you would like to continue your other thread about purchasing a mini desktop then thatd be ideal in your situation. Im gonna be frank. Id rather have a desktop and just remote in from a low spec laptop instead of buying a low spec laptop and no desktop. The cases have gotten quite small and some can even house full size graphics cards with the help from PCI-e adapters which angle the card flat. A mate of mine is running a i5 (6c) with a GTX 1650 with no heat issues whatsoever. Id have to ask what case hes using. But theyre getting increasingly popular and mini ITX form factor is rather easy to come by with plenty of options to choose from. A mini ITX case is not much bigger than a Xbox console. But you could look them up as dimensions vary greatly!

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