I can't move a keyframe with my mouse

Hitfilm 13 Express

When I fly my mouse over a keyframe in a track on the editor (not composite shot) the pointer changes to a + with four arrows indicating I can move it. But it doesn't work. The manual says I should be able to. Quote from V13 manual: Keyframes can be dragged vertically on the timeline to change their value, or dragged horizontally on the timeline to change their timing. -endquote. 

This behavior won't work for me. Any ideas why?

Thanks, Martin


  • That's a strange issue, but HitFilm 13 is discontinued so downloading HitFilm 14 Express is recommended.

  • Well, I closed the program, and re-opened it and it began to work. Thanks!

  • Sometimes it's the simple solutions that work. :)

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    Well, the problem is back again. Any help would be appreciated!

  • My recommendation remains the same, install the latest version of Express instead of staying on the old one. That's the very first thing you should try and if the problem persists, post your PC specs.

  • i've been having this issue with the latest version of pro as well. i have no clue what's causing it, but closing and re-opening the editor/composite shot tab fixes it temporarily 

  • @OofDoesNotStream I think it would be best if you created your own thread about this because Express and Pro dont share hardware requirements in practise.

  • @CNK thanks for your reply. I needed to get this project done so I stuck with version 13 Express. It was a bit of a handicap, but I figured out how to make it work. I'll upgrade to 14 express soon and see if it's fixed. I know my computer is a bit old and not quite up to spec. Just can't upgrade it right now. Thanks!

  • @MartinNewmark just a though, what tool do you currently have active when you are able to move the keyframes? Only the select tool (the arrow) should allow you to interact with and move keyframes as far as I am aware.

  • Good point @TheBenNorris. I probably am in the select tool when I do this, but I'll check. Thanks!

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