Using installed fonts with the text crawl?

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the Pulp Sci-Fi Text Crawl in the latest version of Pro, and it appears that only standard and HitFilm fonts are available. Is there no way to use my own installed fonts, short of manually recreating this title sequence?



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    The text effects (text, end credit and sci-fi crawl, ?) do not work with open type fonts. Font will not show in the font list. They also do not seem to like fonts that are not also copied to the system font folder as a part of the install. The font shows in the list but does not work. Some default font is used when said font is selected.

    Font support in Hitfilm has always been quite sketchy.  Text layer font support actually seems pretty good these days. The text effects are still pretty bad, and the font style enumerator for those effects has been fubar. I believe the text layers are likely GL based and the effects are likely using the system/os font rasterizer engine. This being why the enumerators need to be different, and they do behave different, and then of course implementation.

    Just my experience.

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