Anyone having regular issues with Text in 14.1? Crashes, rendering errors

I installed Pro 14.1 about a week a go. Since then Hitfilm regularly crashes when editing text. Also when rendering sections with captions and text, I get spurious characters in the rendered file that aren't there in the project file. Not with everything but significant where it is happening.

Gone back to Express to try and get a project with a deadline done but it is doing it in there now too, when it never happened before.

I am just trying to ascertain if anyone else is having issues, or if it is just me so I can try and work out how to finish my project. I haven't got time to study the full scenarios and report them right now, I have an urgent deadline before travelling for 9 weeks without access to my fast editing PC. Sorry!


  • @escher303 obligatory: what are your specs? The fact that this is happening in both versions means this is either an old issue that we've not heard of, or something your end is going a bit awry.

  • AMD Ryzen 2700X, 240gb SSD, 16gb DDR4, GTX 1650 4gb Engine

    Is it unwise to have express 13 and pro 14.1 installed at the same time? 


  • @escher303 there shouldn't be any problems with having both of them installed, i have multiple versions on my machine here. Have you contacted support about these crashes? As it would be in our interest to see the crash logs.

  • No I haven't, the crashes are unrelated to the rendering problems.

    Not sure how helpful the info I can give you will be to help identify/recreate this but here goes:-

    - Intermittent, not all text, not all the time, does not go wrong the same way each time

    - tried with fonts Source Sans Pro and Arial

    - had it happen in Express 13 and Pro 14.1 but only after installing Pro in my desktop, but now also happens on my laptop that has not had pro installed

    - Had it happen on different projects

    - Rendering a clip 1 minute long - text is fine, then a few characters change to the wrong ones, then more errors continue through render

    - Rendering the same clip and the error has happened in a different place, with different characters going wrong

    - Can see it happening in the render window in Export

    - Rendered a second time and the text is being truncated at the bottom as though the text box is too small, didn't happen the previous tries

    - Rendering from within the composite shot was fine

    - Tried on my laptop where Pro has not been installed with Express and both different and the same project and had problems

    -Reinstalled Express, same results

    - I'd be surprised if you can recreate this as it didn't happen at all before with same projects and installs, now it has started happens a lot

    Have two film festivals to prepare for unfortunately in the next few weeks!


  • @escher303 I recommend you contact support directly. When you get another crash they will be able to inform you how you can send us the dump.

  • Thank you

  • @escher303

    It’s also worth noting that the majority of crashes in HitFilm are due to one of 3 things:

    1. Low system specs... though this doesn’t seem to be the case for you

     2. Outdated OS/Drivers... Manually run Windows update, and be sure to use Nvidia’s driver update software

    3. Certain Dell/Alienware and Asus/RoG systems have had a few random issues... if you have one of these systems, be sure to mention it.


    Obviously, glitches like this can be attributed to bugs in the software, but HitFilm is generally pretty stable and this appears to be the first time someone’s had errors like yours.

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