Many effects immediately crash Hitfilm

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Adding the Puppet and blur tools to any footage, even just a plane in a new comp immediately crashes Hitfilm. I am on the latest version. I have also reinstalled Hitfilm just to be sure, anyone else having this issue?


  • @TekGecko ; Please supply your system specs. 

    Also, make sure your system is updated along with your GPU drivers.

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    @Stargazer54 32GB RAM Nvida 1070 and an AMD Octa Core processor. All drivers are updated.

  • @TekGecko Specs look sufficient, but it would also would be helpful to know which version of HF.  The latest version (14.1) provides better support for AMD processors.  If you are on 14.1 then I would I would suggest contacting FXHome support.

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    Stargazer54 I have logged a support request, thanks!

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