What is the current best way to batch covert to ProRes?

I've got a folder full of .mp4 files I need to convert for editing.

1.  Is Handbrake the current best solution?

2.  If I just edit the whole job in Vegas (I've got ver 15), do I need to covert at all?
My experience is that Vegas edits faster across the board.


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    Handbrake ONLY outputs mp4. 

    Vegas can do it. Note Vegas calls Pro-Res "Magix Intermediate."

    Generally I'd say MPEG Streamclip, or VirtualDub are probably better for batch transcoding than Vegas. There's one other program as well, but my brain won't throw it out right now. Norman or Stargazer will, and I'll facepalm when I read it... 

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    Handbrake may very well be the most convenient in this case, if its avc and you dont absolutely need prores for 422 video, pretty big file sizes. 

     If Vegas is faster for you then use that. If those MP4's are avc variable framerate, start by transcoding them so that you will have a smoother experience while editing, regardless if you choose to use HitFilm or Vegas. 

    I believe the tool @Triem23 youre talking about is FFmpeg? 

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    @CNK Yup and facepalm! 

  • ffmpeg being a command line tool makes it a bit technical to use. I have created ffmpeg scripts and posted those in the forum transcoding master thread. Those ffmpeg scripts were designed for drag and drop. Sadly ffmpeg does not have a Cineform encoder. Only a Cineform decoder.

    Virtualdub 2 can output Prores and can batch transcode. I've never used the batch features of Virtualdub.


    With the Hardware decode of typical AVC in Hitfilm, does one really need/want to transcode AVC.

    I am assuming that the "mp4" the OP references is likely AVC video.

  • VirtualDub batch has a slight advantage over Handbrake in that it allows you to build up a list of input files, and not just one folder.

    So if you have files in a folder you don't want to convert (which is often the case for my videos), you can leave them out of the batch. You can also build up a batch job with files from several locations on disk.

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    It's the mp4 video from my Lumix FZ300 -- the files open fine in Vegas and I've not noticed any delays.
    (if anyone is looking for an excellent bridge camera, you'll not do better than the FZ300).
    Will transcoding have a benefit based on the mp4 type of the FZ300?

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    If it's giving you good playback performance, then it's not worth the trouble. The main reason for converting MP4 or H.264/5 to ProRes or DNxHR or HQX is that they're more edit friendly due to being easier to decompress and process. 

    I've tried using Cineform to get my raw footage into HitFilm (even though it's no longer raw at that point), but the playback in HitFilm was pretty choppy... on an octacore system with an RTX 2060 and 32GB. The same footage played fine in Resolve. I hope the FXHome guys can improve that part... but I'd rather be able to work with raw directly, even if it's only Braw and/or Redcode.

  • @Davlon The FZ300 appears to have typical 8-bit AVC 4:2:0 video (specs say AVCHD 2.0). That should hardware (HW) decode in Hitfilm quite well. Software decode not so much. Software decode my fast decode AVC should clear that up. Problem is you give us no information to work with. Examples...

    What are your computer specs? Maybe it is so old it does not support HW AVC decode. AMD HW decode is only recently supported (next release for Express). Heck, are your drivers up to date? The driver HW decode interface may be out of date.  Maybe your computer is on the slow side. Hitfilm is on the slow side. A slow+slow situation may be a problem. A single "slow" less so. Instance dependent. HW AVC decode should clear up one of Hitfilm's performance issues.

    What are your frame size and frame rate?

    Are you trying to do UHD/4K work? This typically requires powerful PC. For example, Vegas lists an 3Ghz 8-core CPU as minimum for UHD work. That does not mean that some scenarios can work well enough. It can be very instance specific. I once did a thread showing some UHD multi-stream composite work on a 4Ghz 4C/8T 4770K CPU. I did comment I could understand what Vegas had an 8-core recommendation. HW decode often mitigates this. Intermediates (Prores, Cineform, DNxHD/HR) are normally all CPU decode and then the 8-core can come into play more.

    Are you trying to do 60 fps work. This requires a more powerful PC, even at 1080. Same comments about UHD apply to high frame rate as well as the Hardware decode.

    Using intermediates and doing multi-stream compositing brings up I/O bandwidth issues. Mostly if doing UHD work due to the high bitrates. A spindle harddisk is going to have trough keeping up. Excess RAM for system disk cache can mitigate this when looping the same section.

  • I use Easefab Video Converter. Works great.

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    Although, with the upgrade to 14.1, I haven't had to convert my video. Even 4K runs smoothly right out of the camera

  •  4k H.265 or what format exactly, maybe its already in an intermediate in-camera? @GordonCato

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