Updating masks when already in the middle of the animation

Hi, so ... this is my first post in this forum and pretty much i'm testing Hitfilm Pro thanks to humble Bundle (probably like many this month). I was playing around with Masking and basically i noticed something.
Here's the thing: on after effect i'm used to add mask points whenever i need more control over the mask AND when i need for my mask to keep still (instead of constantly moving due to the key frames) i would usually add a keyframe 1 frame before the sudden change in the object i'm trying to mask out(mainly when i try to mask out some Cartoons like Anime)
However ... while the Initial points would usually remain still like i wanted to , any additional mask point i create doesn't get in line with the old ones. Any fix on that ? PS: I'm not using mocha right now, just the basic keyframer in the composite shot timeline


  • @RuggieroITA sorry that no one has responded to you sooner; I'm slightly confused what you're trying to do, however. Are you attempting to add extra mask points to a mask whilst keyframing the path? This should work ok, unless you are having a different issue.

  • Indeed, the holidays got the better of us.

    My suggestion would be to maybe hold CTRL while doing it? I'm having a hard time understanding what it is that you want to achieve and whether it not it's a essential timesaver that makes sense or just more convenient coming from AE?

    Tagging @Triem23 for input

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    @CNK @TheBenNorris ;  I believe what the OP is referring to is that when you are adding mask points with the pen tool to animate the path and you get a ways into the rotowork you realize you need to add another point but going backward that point remains exactly where you placed it originally while the other points move to their previous locations.  I may be wrong about his meaning though.

    RuggieroITA  If I have correctly understood, since the created point has no key data from before it was created you have to  reverse the process for that point and go backward and move that one point so that moves with the other points and give it that data manually.  I don't think there is another way.  If so, I would be happy to learn myself.

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    @tddavis Got it right on the head and @TheBenNorris don't worry i got my answer (which i feared unfortunatly) in another post and pretty much like tddavis said, Hitfilm can't adapt additional masking point to previous frames ... so yeah xD

    My best solutions so far:
    - add additional mask points from the very beginning so that i can work complex images
    - cut the layer that i'm masking when i need to add additional mask points. In that way i can delete/ignore previous frames on that layer and just focus from that point onward

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