Good Will To All : Stop motion

Some challenges (not least available time) but hope you find it amusing.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones


  • @DafterThings ; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!

    Quite a challenge getting all those characters to sit down at the same table.  Glad to see George is back!

  • @DafterThings ; Merry Christmas to you as well.  I know well what you mean about available time.  Feverishly rendering more frames as I type :)   Hoping to post on the Eve.

  • Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Live Long and Prosper.:-)

  • Thanks all.

    Originally the role played by George was going to be played by Professor X.
    In the end I thought George had the right personality to want everybody to get along at Christmas.

  • George was the perfect host. 

    And, well, not the BEST reason, but, at least Thor came up with one that got everyone willing to share! (oh, the poor turkey!) 


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    Yeah I used @filmsensei tutorial for the dust.
    It needed a little fiddling with the variations as the particles spawned in 'bands' due to the low framerate.

    I have been asked if the same effect is possible in Express.

    I am sure somebody did it without particles at one point but I can't find it.... or I am mistaken.

  •  Particles or shatter. Those are your only Hitfilm-procedural options. Otherwise Production Crate (and others) have pre-rendered disintegration particle stock. 

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    That was it... a disintegration stock. Thanks

  • Love it! Happy Christmas to you sir.

  • Thanks Kip... and to you too.


  • Wish I'd caught up on things sooner, but better late than never. A smashing good piece there @DafterThings ! A belated Happy Christmas to you!


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