Humble Bundle


Just went online today -- Massive and excellent assortment. 

Do everyone a favor and post it around.

I'm not understanding the pricing -- how can they offer Hitfilm Pro, Ignite Pro and Action Pro,

All for $30



  • I've also seen this a few minutes ago on another platform.
    Unbelievable! So close after BF.

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     Well its another way to get a two-year license  since I bought a license already....its unfortunate that some programs are only for AE :(  I know how to use AE but not wanting to pay for it lol 

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    I also just saw this on Humble Bundle today and I am absolutely gutted as I just purchased Hitfilm Pro as part of the Black Friday sale. Having this Humble Bundle so close to Black Friday has left a rather sour taste in my mouth, but I am pleased for all of those that can benefit from this humble bundle deal.

    For those that have purchased the Humble Bundle, do you know if there is a time limit on when we can activate the Hitfilm Pro software key? If not, I will buy it and activate the license key this time next year when my 12 month of updates expires.

    Does anybody know if the FX packs offered will work with Hitfilm? I'm not interested in the AE and Premiere stuff as I just replaced that software subscription with Hitfilm Pro.  

  • Would be good to hear back from the devs on this one. I know that, in the past, for other software e.g. corel painter the humble bundle version was an older version of the software, so not sure if this is the current Hitfilm 14 version?  Has anyone smashed the buy button yet and can they confirm.

    even if it is an older version it is still a great deal :)

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    This is a legitimate deal.  I had a hundred days left on my Hitfilm/Imerge & Ignite subs.

    Bought the bundle. Registered all the keys and I'm good until Dec 12th.

    I would suggest buying into this blind. 

    Hell, you can buy a multitude of them and register your x amount of keys and they'd stack up, if I'm not mistaken.

    In fact, I might just do that myself.

    Lets see if I get the math done right.

    10 x 30 dollars. = 300 dollars.

    10 Hitfilm registeration keys.

    Hitfilm at regular price = 300 dollars.

  • Hi all. As far as I know, the key provided from the bundle adds a license for 12 months. This is a separate license to one you may currently have, as opposed to an extension on your current license. Thanks to Humble Bundle, this deal allows for us to support some brilliant charities by providing our software alongside a range of other amazing products.

  • Is it true? because i didn't found out.

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    To clarify, based on something that @Hictor has said, the time for these keys are licensed when you buy them, not when you add them to your account. This is how our keys work for resellers. This means that if you bought ten keys, as Hictor suggested, then when you come to redeem one of your many keys in a years time you will find that the period of free updates has already ended.

  • Yes. However, if I register all said keys at the exact same moment, wouldn't they stack? 


    As I understood in the other thread (apologies for that)    they extend 6 months each serial.

    So... 10 * 6 months then? 

  • @Hictor my previous thread meant that you got a license for 12 months. If you had 6 months left on your current license, and assuming both are running concurrently, you would have one 12 month license, and one 6 month license. Thus, when the 6 month license ends, you still have another 6 on the 12 month license, therefore only really extending your time with updates by 6 months.

    Perhaps I worded it poorly, I'll try again.

    The keys that Humble provide start their 12 months of free updates the SECOND you buy the bundle. Not when you register them to your account.

    If you buy 10 keys from humble, you will have 10 concurrent licenses that all expire 12 months after when you bought them, which is obviously pretty pointless.

  • @TheBenNorris

    Just clarify one thing  -- for current users, is the Humble offer a valid way for current users to extend their updates by 1 year?

  • @Davlon if your license was to expire today, then this new bundle would grant you a new license that seemingly increases your updates for another 12 months. If your license expired in 3 months, and you bought this bundle, then you will have really only extended your time by 9 months, since the humble bundle license - and I can't stress this enough - starts its 12 month period the second you buy it.

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    Yes, that's clear. I'm asking a different question.   Does FXHome "let" current users extend their updates in this way?  Is it a trick you'd rather we not use, or is it blessed-by-Josh?

    As a side point,  I am suggesting that  exact and clear wording be used when explaining the deal in this thread, and across the board (as a benefit to the new users among us). My point:  There is no software "license" being sold .  We buy the sofware and we own it.  FXhome sells update periods. 

    To contrast, Adobe sells a limited time license that expires and locks the software according to the thread below.    The difference in wording is not trivial.  To completely differentiate FXhome's value offer from Adobe's blackmail system, the wording should be clear and consistent.


  • Not really nice to have this so close after Black Friday where several of your loyal customers extended their license for a far more expensive price.

  • I've asked @KirstieT to explain this a bit better than me (I'm a developer with no input into marketing). 

  • I didn’t know that. I bought a Hitfilm Pro license from Toolfarm in may. And I was waiting for the AE plugin update to activate the license. But do I understand correctly, that when I now activate  the license I will only get updates till may?

    That was never stated while buying the license. I thought I would get 12 months of updates after activation. That is not clear. Could I return my not activated license code for Hitfilm Pro?

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    Putting license extensions aside. The issue still stands how you could offer a deal of 80 - 90% off on your software some 2 weeks after offering your Black Friday "deals".  Maybe the humble bundle deal should have been your Black Friday deal.

    I purchased your software during the Black Friday deal thinking that your price was fair and reasonable at the time.  But to find that a mere 2 weeks after the Black Friday sale you have made the same software available in a Humble Bundle deal for a mere $30  just makes me angry.

    As a new customer I feel cheated as you would have known that the Humble Bundle deal was just around the corner when you were promoting your Black Friday deals. 

    I will not be purchasing any software from you in the future.

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    Hello everyone - just jumping in here, pulling myself away from the exciting Star Wars-themed trailer which is dropping today, to clarify a few things that Ben has kindly already said. 

    I am sorry for everyone who has been left feeling confused and upset by this deal. This is the first time that we have worked with Humble Bundle to sell HitFilm Pro, and the intentions behind this was primarily to raise lots of money for charity over the holidays, though we understand that we haven't been as clear with the messaging through their website as we wanted to be. 

    I will amend my original post below to be clearer:

    To summarise, the limitations for the Humble Bundle license, in comparison to the HitFilm Pro license available on our store are:

    1. You only receive 1 activation, rather than 3 activations, per sale/license
    2. You have to activate your Humble Bundle key within a certain timeframe or it expires - quoting directly from the site: "One key redeemable per device. A single key supports one device only (multiple devices require multiple keys). Internet connection required for online activation. Keys expire on 3/31/2020."
    Therefore the keys are for new sales only, they don't work as a replacement for renewals.

    To answer other questions (and I do take responsibility from @TheBenNorris here as the marketing team were tied up in Star Wars and he was working with the information he had at the time) i.e. @HJvanderVeen ;those of you who bought from resellers are not affected by this. Only THIRD PARTY PROMOTIONS (i.e. Humble Bundle) are subject to this license restriction - NOT our resellers (hence why you would have seen no warning). 

    I apologise for anyone who has been made to feel that our loyal customers are not important to us - we are built on our community and our long-time users mean everything to us. We have made some mistakes with communication on this occasion and we will learn from this for next time. 

  • You could've limited to a single license extension through the Humble Bundle. I mean for sure you're able to track these licenses. Then it wouldn't stack up and you wouldn't have a lot of customers being angry that they just renewed their license or bought into HitFilm for the first time.

  • @KirstieT

    To clarify -- the Humble deal is for all the software listed with a 1 year update package. 

    1. Am I correct in saying that since Hitfilm works even with multiple copies of the software on the same machine (assuming they're installed to different folders), we can jump between the installs as needed? 

    2. If so, is it true that I can buy the Humble deal, install to a new directory, use it until it expires and then jump back to my original install?

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    I upgraded on your  Black Friday sale..... and now I see THIS! BAD move Hitfilm........ tending to alienate your core longer term users.  SERIOUS marketing gaffe.  Leaving a bad taste in many people's mouths, I think.

    The core issue is not one that the 1 year license technicality helps much.  it is the ASTRONOMICAL price difference that de-values the awesome software,....... and the money already spent by many existing users.

    If it was an older version...... and no upgrades........that would have helped a tad.  And fit more the Humble Bundle model.

    a dissapointed,


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     do you get to keep the licence after the 12 months of updates expires?

  • @maxd when the 12 months of updates expire you are still free to use the version of the software you have at that point in time, you will just no longer get access to any updates.

  • Hello @JBaymore, @UwePieper (in particular, I hope to have more information about your specific point soon, I am just waiting for Humble Bundle's team to wake and confirm some details for me), thanks for your messages. We really appreciate you telling us about how this has affected your personal purchasing decisions and I do hear your dissatisfaction. I will be updating this forum post with clarification as soon as I have it. 

    @Davlon to answer your specific questions: No, I'm afraid you cannot install multiple copies of HitFilm at the same time. For instance a HitFilm 14 install will overwrite HitFilm 13 install even if it's installed to a different directory, this has been the case for a while now.

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    @Davlon @KirstieT Is there any reason for installing it to a different folder in the first place? The license is bound to an account and as long as the account has a valid license you should be able to use HitFilm Pro and get updates. If you want the Humble license on another account you should be able to log out and switch the account in the software. Or am I wrong on this?

    And the Humble deal does only expire as much as your other licenses do: After the 12 month you don't get updates anymore but you can still use the last version.

  • @UwePieper you are correct I do believe. I don't know why you would need multiple copies of the software installed.

  • @TheBenNorris ; Up until version 6 on this was possible and it was useful when trying to run down what was and wasn't possible in helping others in the Forum.  With the changes in the program with 6 you can now have multiple versions of 2017 down along with one version of 6 thru 14.  It still allows you to help with the odd question from users on older versions.  That was the rationale for me anyway.

  • I am not good at English, but I leave a message. I was so surprised to see the sale of "hitfilmpro" on "humblebundle" for $30. It feels like I've become a fool to pay dearly and buy genuine things. If you use hit films longer than adobe products, you'll benefit from it. From this thought, I bought a hit film but what happened? Thirty dollars? I know you've collaborated with humblebundle for donations, but .... Am I a fool? The program is really good, but I think I'll be waiting for the hit films only on Humblebundle from now on. 

  • I wish I was allowed to have it to extend the license of Hitfilm pro...I want to buy the other stuff too especially that action vfx stock.  If Fx home just made it up to 1  year then it would solve the problem with people buying 10 licences for 10 years.  From a business perspective I get that but seriously let people add 1 year it would be a welcomed gesture since people are already kind of ticked

  • For a note here on 'perspective' about users....... I'm still using Pro 11.  I'm in the middle of two projects and don't want to "change horses" in the middle of the stream".  That being said........ I've upgraded on the recent Black Friday sale even though my last upgrade went until April 2020.  I'm now out to April 2021 and whatever versions happen between now and then.  BUT.... 11 is meeting my current NEEDS.

    I looked at doing this upgrade as not only having the license extend out that far... but supporting the developers at Hitfilm.  Its great software.

    This Humble Bundle $30 offering.... just totally blindsided me with its amazing absurdity.  Hitfilm Marketing needs to learn something about "market positioning".  


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