Combining many .hfp files into one finished video in HitFilm Express 13

First thing:  I know next to nothing about video editing or the vocabulary.  I have a group of .MP4 (GoPro) clips that I have edited in Hitfilm express 13 and saved as .hfg files.  I would like to combine all the separate clips into a finished video to upload to youtube.  

Is it possible to do this with the home version of Hitfilm express 13?  I also have the "Edit:Starter" pack installed.  

All help is appreciated, but please, don't get too technical...well, You can get technical, but please explain it in layman terms.

Thanks, Dave R.


  • Here's the thing - you can koad any/all Hitfilm COMPOSITE SHOTS from any project into any other project. In the File Menu, there is an "Import Composite Shot" option. This can import any Comp (.hfcs) file, or can load any Composite Shots in a Project (.hfp) file. 

    You CANNOT transfer an EDITOR TIMELINE between projects. 

    There is no easy way to move an Editor Timeline into a Composite Shot. 

    Chances are you need to render your separate projects then import those renders into a new project for the final edit. It depends on if your existing projects have Editor Timelines. 

    If you do need to render/re edit, I recommend rendering Cineform (PC) or ProRes (Mac). These will be larger files, but will maintain higher quality than mp4. 

  • OK, Thanks for the info and thanks for making it so a newby can understand it.  It's a small thing but really helps me

    Dave R.

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