3D Model Comps appearing differently in editor vs. composite shots

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So when working in a comp, my 3d model looks like this:


But when I place that comp in my editor it looks like this:


It's a subtle difference, yes, but it's a difference nonetheless and I'm wondering what's causing it because I prefer the look of it in the composite shot. (Note: the difference is that in the editor it appears darker. Look at the roof of the cabin in both pics for example.)


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    Hu, weird. I had a somehow similar issue with 3D elements rendering differently between CS and Editor (see https://fxhome.com/forum/discussion/51204/bug-different-behavior-when-i-put-a-composite-shot-in-the-editor-timeline-missing-reflection).

    I opened a ticket and the support confirmed that in my case it was a bug in Hitfilm (note related to v14, I had the bug in v13). Maybe it's the same issue for you.

  • @HeySiri this looks like a bug, if you can send the relevant project/media to support, that would really help us squash it.

  • @TheBenNorris unfortunately I’m using 3D models that I have paid for I’m my project so I’m not sure I can distribute that at all.

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    @TheBenNorris The same happened to me but with normal footage, i did the grading in the composite shot, made sure it was perfect, and then, when i added the comp in the editor it appeared darker. Tried changing bit depth, color space from the media in the media panel, every property in the software and that issue is still happening. The worst part is that it happens randomly, most of the time it looks right but all of a sudden during playback it turns way darker. If i hit render with the issue active, it will be also rendered that way. Another thing that happens during playback is a bit of flickering between the correctly colored version and the dark version. I hope you fix this soon, please.

  • @LordJosueacute Have you transcoded your footage into a fixed frame rate? I had a situation once that sounds a lot like yours. After investigating more closely, I discovered that I was using the original footage and not the transcoded footage. When I swapped out the wrong clip for the correct one, everything was fixed.

  • @FilmSensei I have the same problem and I’m using transcoded to constant footage. 

  • I am wondering: Does the footage render out the same or are the renders different?

  • @FilmSensei I’m afraid I’m away from my computer for the holidays so I can’t confirm but I believe my renders were different yes.

  • We would be interested in seeing any output you can provide us so we can investigate this further, please contact support when you get a chance, thank you.

  • @FilmSensei First of all, happy new year! And yes, i imported my footage straight out of a canon T7i, fixed, constant frame rate. I have not tried transcoding it (at least just yet) since i previously did not require to. I will try transcoding a few clips to ProRes or Cineform and i will keep you posted.

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