Imerge Pro 5.0 & Windows Defender

While I fail to see the reason why this should be relevant, I should note that I ran Imerge Pro 5's Installer while Hitfilm Pro 14 was installing. Didn't let it load its own nstallation till Hitfilm's was done though. 

But anyway, as soon as I launched Imerge Pro 5.0, Windows Defender popped up as it would on any untrusted software.

Naturally, I yelled  "FXHOME AND I  ARE BROS MAN", ignored the warning and ran the installation.

Least of my concern , but I thought you guys should know.


  • @Hictor ; I had the same Windows Defender warning when I updated to 14...Peeved me off so I about uninstalled Defender. :)

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    @tddavis I know right. I should probably do the same. :P



  • I wouldn't chance windows defender for your antivirus in general so that is pretty hardcore to be fair lol

  • @Hictor this is a known issue with the way that Windows "protects" it's users. Windows doesn't like to whitelist things until a certain number of people have downloaded it, so if not many people are yet to download Imerge 5 then  it will unfortunately warn you.

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