Hitfilm 14 Export Issue (Alpha changing during export) [SOLVED]

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Ever since the new update to Hitfilm, I've just been like eh. First of all, my export profile is the same as the one in Hitfilm 13 but once exported, the file plays back but at certain points it gets choppy and then the compression goes out the window into blocks and back. Okay let's pre render the same clip, okay no choppiness, no compression mess up (don't tell me that it happens when in Hitfilm 13 it does not with the profile that I use) anyway, is this a hardware issue then?

There has been a new update today apparently for Hitfilm which makes no sense since I've tried to export the exact same clip which now look at this, 15 minutes rendering and still says starting? I've rebooted (15 minutes now) and everything and it still says starting... What is happening?




  • Oh, let me also mention this glitch too that is only being seen once exported. My intro is an overlay and it plays but as soon as it hits the moment the layer would be visible (Keyed out), the footage goes darker and when the layer below is about to show so when the intro starts to wipe itself, the whole intro layer goes lighter... yet when in Hitfilm itself, there is no issue of this.

    I am uploading a screen record now of the issue, here:


  • @Ieuanam could you provide the specs of your machine if possible please?

  • @TheBenNorris I am running on an I7 8750h and a GTX 1050Ti

  • @Ieuanam perhaps the screen recording doesn't do the issue justice, but I couldn't really spot any of the things you pointed out except for the compression. I think you're going to be best sending the actual files to our support with timestamps for the issues you've noticed.

    It will also be worthwhile double checking your export bitrate and preset to ensure that you're using the correct export. There is a huge fluctuation in the sizes of your exports which makes me think something has changed.

  • @TheBenNorris I use a preset where I have a 5.2 going at 40,000 target and max bitrate on a 1 pass which always work for me but now in Hitfilm 14, it does not work as I normally expect. May I ask did you see the issue with the intro changing the colours?

  • @Ieuanam I could not see the background get darker anymore than I would expect from perhaps a slight change in exposure, but I imagine this change probably isn't present in the source footage and is somehow a side effect of some bug.

  • @TheBenNorris , This is not present in the source footage or when i scrub through the timeline or even pre-render it. It may be a side effect of some bug, when I get back, I will take a look at importing the same project into my Dad's PC and see if it's present.

  • 40 for both target and max bitrate is not correct. Max should be 1.5x the target. Use 40/60 or 30/45.

  •  @Triem23 so is that a possible reason for the compression? It would need to reach 40 but with certain frames it would need more but it can not since it is hitting the 40 and that is it? Maybe this will fix it and the dark and lightening layers?

  • It's possible. Think of it like this. With variable bit rate the "Target" is what you're "trying to hit." The compresser will look for regions that are low detail to reduce bitrate. The "Max" is the "headroom" you give so that when something goes high detail it can go over the Target while still averaging the Target.

    So pretty close to what you were thinking.

    I'm not 100% certain this will fix everything, but it should help. 

  • Okay, the editor is easing up off a bit, I have not gotten the chance to use a different pc but the bitrate issue is hmm, better but the layers where it gets dark and light is still happening. Take a look here:


  • Going through a rendered version, I saw this... It's an explosion which I have used to make a transition with. In the viewer, everything is the same colour however in the render preview, you can see it change colour when the new layer is underneath. I want you to focus on the black smoke after the actual explosion


  • What colour bit are you using  for the project and what are you rendering it to? like mp4 or mov? These can sometimes change how the finished video can look if this helps?


    Plus if you duplicate the layer it will double the detail sorta of thing also, nice trick if the original image or video doesn't look as close as you want it to be

  • @GarethOwan , it is rendering to an MP4 and all the blend mode is set to normal so nothing wrong should happen, have you seen the explosion issue? I did an experiment where I took the layer out and it worked perfectly, no colour issues but put it in and you have this issue... Please help, it's never done something like this before 

  • @TheBenNorris , Sorry for tagging you but I want you to take a look at this:


    Can you see the issue? Is it colour depth? It is only happening as soon as the layer underneath is shown

  • @Ieuanam can you contact support please? I noticed that change in brightness on the smoke but it's really difficult to understand what's going on here. Sending the project to support should help speed things along.

  • @TheBenNorris , how would I go abouts doing that?, Should I make a new composite where the issue is happening and zip the file with some assets (like the footage and explosion)?

  • @Ieuanam that would be ideal, yes.

  • Where did you get this asset from? was it by Anychance from bigfx? from this place? https://www.big-vfx.com/

    When you play the clip normally in vlc or media player dose it change the contrast also?

  • it does this with my intro or anything that is layered, turn off the layer and its fine but I need it.

  • Did you get It from production crate? mmmm in that case I have no idea. I mean you could duplicate the image then change the contract and then slice it so when the clip plays it plays into the other on underneath that you have changed the colour  by keyframing the opacity then that should then work? This is the longer way of fixing the effect though

  • @GarethOwen yes and I could but I rather give this to FXHome since other people may be having the same problem

  • guys, guess what, look at this, whats happened here then.


  • missing frames wow that is weird.... :/

  • Do you have this issue? Does anyone else have this issue lmao

  • @Ieuanam that seems like a bug too, I'll investigate further.

  • @Ieuanam I've had a look at the project you sent us but cannot really discern anything from it: you didn't include any of the backing footage, but from what I can see the explosion and stuff looks ok. I have a feeling that most of your issues ARE on export, which I cannot test here without knowing the exact export preset you are using.

  • @TheBenNorris , I am currently uploading the footage files (2 of them since GoPro's take a lot of space) and I am doing this within the college's open access so it may take a few more minutes. I would like to say, the explosion does look alright but after you put a layer below then it changes. I'm uploading to mediafire now

  • @TheBenNorris , the issues are on export since on pre render it is fine, on actual compositing, it is fine but once exporting no matter what preset I used, even the standard 1080p Youtube one it always changes like in the videos I have sent.

    The speed/duration bug, is that an issue which you can replicate or is that just my Hitfilm again? I tried re-installing last night and it does not seem to fix anything. Hopefully when I get back home tonight, I can out that airsoft video in 14 then having to suck up to the issues then reverting back to 13. Fingers crossed 13 does not have any of these issues.

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