VideoCopilot Element 3D, Optical Flares, Orb, Saber, Heat Distortion with Hitfilm Pro

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Ok @Triem23 and @spydurhank - You guys can really keep a secret! FXHome has literally sealed the deal with me as a customer for life!!

I am so stoked to see that I can again use Element 3D,  all my Pro shaders,  all my Optical Flares/Pro Sets, Jet Strike packs AND Element 3D models!!!

FXHome Team - I freaking have never said this about anything other than Krammer's and MotionVFX's packages....BUT I LOVE you guys. Awesome sauce!!! Thanks a thousands times over for bringing AE plugins to Hitfilm Pro!!!


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    @GrayMotion actually the thing Frank, Tony Cee, and I were dancing around was the Material Override! I haven't yet tried any Ae plug ins in Hitfilm. Maybe something changed between the Beta Build and release build but I can't get Hitfilm to see Orb or Saber. 

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    @Triem23 - Yep! I go away for a week and come back to not only AE plugins, namely VC!, but I just watched Jay's video on the new features...Material Override!!! Dawg's - I can see I'm going to have to fire myself for  a month and just have a BLAST!!!

    I got both Saber and Orb to work...first try. They were actually auto recognized from the place where VC's installer put them when I had AE 2017  installed.  Also Element and Optical flares was auto recognized. Man...blown away Mike!

  • Yeah me too, the Orb plugin shows up but I receive OpenCL error and then, nothing doing.

    And yeah, the material override is priceless I say. Mike and Tony did some crazy tests during Beta... freaking awesome. :)  

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    @GrayMotion @spydurhank speaking of Material Override, @Stargazer54 has a test going that makes me happy - - properly "spinning" Bussard collectors on a TOS era Constitution Class. 

  • Yeah, saw that. Looks pretty damned cool too. :)

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    Well after doing some testing with E3D there does seem to be a problem. I know the ability to use VC plugins is new so this is more of an informative post to the Hitfilm team rather than looking for a fix at the moment.

    First time around when launching the Scene Setup things work as expected but if I try and relaunch the Scene Setup E3D will not open and Hitfilm just sits there trying to redraw screen (blue progress bar under viewer window). There is no crash: you can make a new comp, add effects, etc. etc. but nothing viewer screen with progress bar just humming away.

    Also if I try and load a previous project - the scene is displayed in the viewer but the Scene Setup will not re-launch unless I reboot (sometimes). Task bar shows CPU usage at 1% while Memory usage is at 1.701mb for Hitfilm.

    You can tell it's trying to relaunch E3D as there is a screen flash. After the screen flash CPU usage for Hitfilm drops to 0% and memory stays at 1.701mb

    One last thing...E3D fails to create a Group Null.

    I see version number 14.0.9522.51820. Was there a patch to 14?

    Just so you don't need to ask

    PC - i7 - 6700K CPU @ 4.00 GHz
    Ram: 64 GB
    Nvidia GTX 1070 - Driver 441.20

    Element 3D version 2.2.2 using Jet Strike models

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    Update: Element 3D and Text

    I did some more testing with E3D and text. Multi Object and the Animation Engine works perfectly! E3D  Scene Setup can be re -launched over and over without any issues.

  • That is cool. :)

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    @spydurhank - 👍

    The video above depicting E3D and Text with Hitfilm --> I stated that the project and Scene Setup opened without fail. This was incorrect. It appears that  now I cannot open Element. Worked fine and now it doesn't.

    If I port the PC made project over to the Mac Element then launches.

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    Optical Flares 

    For anybody that is using VC's Optical Flares and wants  tracking. Here is how  I set it up.

    - Make a light in Hitfilm. Name it Light
    - Optical Flares: Positioning Mode: Source Type: Track Lights
    - Select Lights: All
    - Name Starts With: Anything
    - Uncheck - Use Light Intensity, Use Scale from Intensity and use Light Color
    (Now the light you made for the flare will not effect your scene.)

    You can then make a point, track what you want, then parent the light to the tracked point. 

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    Off topic to VideoCopilot plugins but relevant:

    Material Overide - Hitfilm Pro

    I thought this looked very familiar. Custom Texture Maps -

    Flight Control -  Minute mark 13:15

    Don't think it supported video though? Very nice FXHome!

  • Rendering Tips - Element 3D

    This might be of help to new users of E3D or refreshing old users memory (like mine). I can't believe how smooth Element 3D is working on my Mac with HF 14. Much less intense than Hitfilm's modeling work flow.


  • Screencap!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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    Do ya one better @spydurhank Nothing  special mind you...up close pass - a bit too fast but textures are very visible.

    Took 2 minutes to setup. Using one Hitfilm light and a  E3D light Blue at 40%. Environmet background on the model is a parking  lot at dusk. Render time 2 minutes (on an ancient 2013 Mac with a GTX 750).

    Here is another - using Motion Design elements. Same Environment background

  • @GrayMotion ; The jet looks fantastic and so does core???  I don't know what to call it but it looks great!

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    I will tell you that I am very excited! Giddish I think they say. If I am not mistaken I can render out Z-pass's  , Raytracing??, and import c4d models too!

    I am wondering though how Element will work with the Hitfilm's particle sim and occlusion?? (All in good time Greg...don't get in a hurry!). 😁

  • I'm gonna start saving to purchase it for sure. :)

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    @tddavis "er...Tardis core"

    I wondered what I was making?!? Good call!  All the gears are moving in different directions but I added a rotation to the camera  which makes the "outer inner gear" seem to spin in place...weird effect. Must do better in the future. 👍

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    @GrayMotion ;

    E3D renders to a 2D layer. If you're going to integrate E3D with a Particle Sim you'll be generating depth maps for occlusion. 

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