Element 3D - Optical Flares - Orb - Saber - Heat Distortion with Hitfilm Pro

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Ok @Triem23 and @spydurhank - You guys can really keep a secret! FXHome has literally sealed the deal with me as a customer for life!!

I am so stoked to see that I can again use Element 3D,  all my Pro shaders,  all my Optical Flares/Pro Sets, Jet Strike packs AND Element 3D models!!!

FXHome Team - I freaking have never said this about anything other than Krammer's and MotionVFX's packages....BUT I LOVE you guys. Awesome sauce!!! Thanks a thousands times over for bringing AE plugins to Hitfilm Pro!!!



  • @GrayMotion actually the thing Frank, Tony Cee, and I were dancing around was the Material Override! I haven't yet tried any Ae plug ins in Hitfilm. Maybe something changed between the Beta Build and release build but I can't get Hitfilm to see Orb or Saber. 

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    @Triem23 - Yep! I go away for a week and come back to not only AE plugins, namely VC!, but I just watched Jay's video on the new features...Material Override!!! Dawg's - I can see I'm going to have to fire myself for  a month and just have a BLAST!!!

    I got both Saber and Orb to work...first try. They were actually auto recognized from the place where VC's installer put them when I had AE 2017  installed.  Also Element and Optical flares was auto recognized. Man...blown away Mike!

  • Yeah me too, the Orb plugin shows up but I receive OpenCL error and then, nothing doing.

    And yeah, the material override is priceless I say. Mike and Tony did some crazy tests during Beta... freaking awesome. :)  

  • @GrayMotion @spydurhank speaking of Material Override, @Stargazer54 has a test going that makes me happy - - properly "spinning" Bussard collectors on a TOS era Constitution Class. 

  • Yeah, saw that. Looks pretty damned cool too. :)

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    Well after doing some testing with E3D there does seem to be a problem. I know the ability to use VC plugins is new so this is more of an informative post to the Hitfilm team rather than looking for a fix at the moment.

    First time around when launching the Scene Setup things work as expected but if I try and relaunch the Scene Setup E3D will not open and Hitfilm just sits there trying to redraw screen (blue progress bar under viewer window). There is no crash: you can make a new comp, add effects, etc. etc. but nothing appears...black viewer screen with progress bar just humming away.

    Also if I try and load a previous project - the scene is displayed in the viewer but the Scene Setup will not re-launch unless I reboot (sometimes). Task bar shows CPU usage at 1% while Memory usage is at 1.701mb for Hitfilm.

    You can tell it's trying to relaunch E3D as there is a screen flash. After the screen flash CPU usage for Hitfilm drops to 0% and memory stays at 1.701mb

    One last thing...E3D fails to create a Group Null.

    I see version number 14.0.9522.51820. Was there a patch to 14?

    Just so you don't need to ask

    PC - i7 - 6700K CPU @ 4.00 GHz
    Ram: 64 GB
    Nvidia GTX 1070 - Driver 441.20

    Element 3D version 2.2.2 using Jet Strike models

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    Update: Element 3D and Text

    I did some more testing with E3D and text. Multi Object and the Animation Engine works perfectly! E3D  Scene Setup can be re -launched over and over without any issues.


  • That is cool. :)

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    @spydurhank - 👍

    The video above depicting E3D and Text with Hitfilm --> I stated that the project and Scene Setup opened without fail. This was incorrect. It appears that  now I cannot open Element. Worked fine and now it doesn't.

    If I port the PC made project over to the Mac Element then launches.

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    Optical Flares 

    For anybody that is using VC's Optical Flares and wants  tracking. Here is how  I set it up.

    - Make a light in Hitfilm. Name it Light
    - Optical Flares: Positioning Mode: Source Type: Track Lights
    - Select Lights: All
    - Name Starts With: Anything
    - Uncheck - Use Light Intensity, Use Scale from Intensity and use Light Color
    (Now the light you made for the flare will not effect your scene.)

    You can then make a point, track what you want, then parent the light to the tracked point. 

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    Off topic to VideoCopilot plugins but relevant:

    Material Overide - Hitfilm Pro

    I thought this looked very familiar. Custom Texture Maps -

    Flight Control - http://www.videocopilot.net/flightschool/flight_control/  Minute mark 13:15

    Don't think it supported video though? Very nice FXHome!

  • Rendering Tips - Element 3D

    This might be of help to new users of E3D or refreshing old users memory (like mine). I can't believe how smooth Element 3D is working on my Mac with HF 14. Much less intense than Hitfilm's modeling work flow.



  • Screencap!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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    Do ya one better @spydurhank Nothing  special mind you...up close pass - a bit too fast but textures are very visible.


    Took 2 minutes to setup. Using one Hitfilm light and a  E3D light Blue at 40%. Environmet background on the model is a parking  lot at dusk. Render time 2 minutes (on an ancient 2013 Mac with a GTX 750).

    Here is another - using Motion Design elements. Same Environment background


  • @GrayMotion ; The jet looks fantastic and so does the...er...Tardis core???  I don't know what to call it but it looks great!

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    I will tell you that I am very excited! Giddish I think they say. If I am not mistaken I can render out Z-pass's  , Raytracing??, and import c4d models too!

    I am wondering though how Element will work with the Hitfilm's particle sim and occlusion?? (All in good time Greg...don't get in a hurry!). 😁

  • I'm gonna start saving to purchase it for sure. :)

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    @tddavis "er...Tardis core"

    I wondered what I was making?!? Good call!  All the gears are moving in different directions but I added a rotation to the camera  which makes the "outer inner gear" seem to spin in place...weird effect. Must do better in the future. 👍

  • @GrayMotion ;

    E3D renders to a 2D layer. If you're going to integrate E3D with a Particle Sim you'll be generating depth maps for occlusion. 

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    @Triem23 - I've been playing all week with E3D and I noticed that DoF does not work with Hitfilm camera. So oh Master of VFX - how can I make a grey scale matte (map) so I can get depth of field working. This has always been something that has confused me.

    I can make mattes for occlusion easily as the assets are just black on white background but I'm lost as to a grey scale map and creating it with Hitfilm. It is possible - yes? Now I do think that E3D does has functions that allow me to make mattes (luma and alpha) I just haven't jogged the right memory bank yet.  

    Side note- E3D functions currently not working with Hitfilm.

    -Custom Layers ( for textures - ie; Material Overide in Hitfilm)
    -Group NULLS

  • I'm 3000 miles from my Hitfilm PC and don't have E3D. I'm limited help. Does an E3D layer respond to Comp Shot Depth Fog? (this in in the Advanced tab of a Comp Shot's Properties). 

    If so, the only idea I have is a trick I've used since HF2. Duplicate your E3D setup to another comp. Remove all textures and make all color channels pure white. Remove all lights. Set the Depth Fog color to black and twiddle the settings until your falloff is correct. The Depth Fog will turn your white objects into a grayscale depth map.


    In this video I used the Depth Fog trick to create the occlusion mask between the 3D model (pillars) and the Atomic Particles and Particle Sim that make the portal. 

  • I showed you guys the same thing in that very first Skype chat with Greg and Jay a few months back. The 3D scene was rendered with DOF in Filmer and then exported to Hitfilm.

    I matched the DOF from Filmer in Hitfilm. I didn't need to create any masks though to get the DOF to sync up so I'm wondering why you would need to create a black and white depth mask to generate DOF? 

    Doesn't the Hitfilm Camera do that automatically when you turn on DOF settings?

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    @spydurhank - "why you would need to create a black and white depth mask to generate DOF"

    Frank - I'm working completely inside Element 3D and DoF in E3D does not work with Hitfilm camera (yet) thus the reason for a z-depth pass. As I suspected the Output tab of Element does allow you to create different passes of the scene. I did generate a z-depth pass but the next battle is to use that pass to control DoF in the scene. 

    I'am thinking of some kinda of Bokeh blur using the z-depth pass and set matte. Haven't worked that one out yet. Did you see my little BB8 re-create I did? I thought to finish it off DoF would really add credence to the shot but working it out is (as usual) above my pay grade at the moment.

    I'll look back at the first Skype chat and see what I missed...

  • Ah!! I see said the blind man. Learn something new everyday or remembered something I forgot..not sure which but the Lens Blur effect has a Source layer, focal distance and focal range. Sweet! Now to see if I can refine the z-pass for better results.

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    Very cool, I understand now. Uh oh, I'm starting to pick up the vfx lingo that I didn't catch before because I was in too much of a hurry to play videos at normal speed. :)

    Hey I got the VC ORB plugin working and running a bit more smoothly in my Hitfilm yesterday by re-installing my 32gig radeon pro duo polaris. :) 

    Also I found a few 8bit jpeg Earth textures at just under 32K... you know what that means. I scaled them down to 8192 x 4096. then re-painted those Earth textures at 16bit float in Krita, Gimp and final touches in Imerge. Then I Unwrapped a few cubes to create spheres and applied the new textures to the spheres to make the Earth. :) 

    I slept in today so I'll post something later. Pretty cool stuff, I think that I'll set up a scene in Filmer, and for speed, only render out a Volume pass then Combine that pass with the exported 3D scene in Hitfilm where I can more easily display the 8K textures and create the blue atmosphere. :)

  • Starting this Friday, I will begin a three-part tutorial series on the Video Copilot ORB Plug-in for HitFilm Pro 14. I've filmed the first tutorial and outlined the second one. I've watched Andrew Kramer's tutorial multiple times, so i think I have it down pretty well at this point! :)

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    @FilmSensei - Looking forward to it J. I figured you'd be all over Orb  and Saber. 👍

    BTW - Have you tried 8k textures by chance?

    I thought about a Element tutorial but there are a ton of them already. Nothing I could show would shed more light on what's already out there as far as the operation of Element

  • Oh yeah, that is cool @FilmSensei , :)

  • @spydurhank I have not used 8k textures... HitFilm crashes using the 6k textures provided by Andrew Kramer, so I've had to derez those down to keep it stable.

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