HitFilm Pro and Express inter-compatibility

Not sure where this belongs but on your homepage when you boot up Hitfilm Express it says that you should try out Hitfilm Pro! and I knew that there would be a watermark in my project but was not expecting it to cover everything in the middle. And I was wondering if I could take all the things I've done in hitfilm pro and move it to Hitfilm Express? I did not use any of the advanced features or the features that are specifically made for Hitfilm Pro. Any suggestions? I was just playing around in Hitfilm until I made something that actually kind of matters to me. Im proud of it.



  • Well you should be able to load the pro protect in express, if the logo appears on your render them you are using a paid feature of express. There are of course a couple of things that are Pro only. It should tell u when you load into express. Oh and the logo is used to stop people using software to simply mask out the logo and get away with not paying. 

  • Pro Protect? 

    Just Go to open files and click on it? it says my version of hitfilm is outdated

    does that mean that I can just go and update the version of hitfilm?

  • What version are you running? 

  • Where can I check? I uninstalled my HitFilm and reinstalled it from the link on the this site

    When You boot Hitfilm express up you can click on "Try our biggest update yet!" and it took me to the Hitfilm pro

  •  Hmmm so you installed express? You can tell because in the top left of the window it says what the main version is and if express or pro. There is no ver14 of express yet, only pro.

  •  Ps if you built the project in Hitfilm pro 14 then you won't be able to open it in express 13. 

  • That was what I was afraid of. Thank you for helping me with this question!


  • @Storymonster2012 ; Not being able to go back a version once the project is loaded into the newest version has been a fact of life with HF for as long as I can remember.  Rule of thumb is not write over your current project file from the new HF version but rather make a new copy.   That way, if you have to go back, then you still have a file compatible with the previous version (in case you decide to fall back to the earlier version of HF).

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