After Effects Plug-ins in Hitfilm Pro

Hi everyone,

is there anywhere a list of all the After Effects Plug-ins that work in Hitfilm Pro?

If not, can anyone give me a list?


  • I think there is red giant its plugin for AE as well but am not sure of any other's at the moment, you have Mocha pro and the foundry tracker also.

  • Nothing for third party AE plug-ins yet. AE plugin support in Hitfilm is not official. Don't confuse something that is known to be coming in a future Hitfilm, with current Hitfilm.

    The integrated Foundry camera tracker is probably an AE plug-in but that is a special one off thing. 

  • I have some Red Giant plugins that work great. But I bought Newblue Essentials #6 that don't work. The Newblue plugins show up in the Effects menu and can be dragged to a video, but the video turns black. The audio is still there but no video. 

  • Ok thank you:-)

  • And which Red Giant plugins work for you in Hitfilm Pro?

  • At the bottom of the product page, look for "Host Applications", Hitfilm should be listed. Download the trial version and try it to make sure it works. 

  • i downloaded the trial of Universe and it worked perfectly. They give you a 14 day fully working trial before you have to purchase. 

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