Live Q&A Round Table Discussion - Saturday, Nov 16, 2019 at Noon PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT!

I am delighted to announce this Saturday, November 16 at Noon PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT, I am hosting a Round Table Q&A Discussion on HitFilm tips and techniques with Frank (@spydurhank), Tony (@NXVisualStudio), Tony (@DafterThings) and Greg (@GrayMotion) and Mike (@Triem23). I would be honored if you would please consider joining us. Don't forget to set your YouTube reminder now!


  • @FilmSensei ; Done.  I saw it on Youtube feed before you posted here :)  This will be a legendary one for sure.

  • @tddavis Yup... My plan is to just duck and cover and let the awesomeness happen! 

  • Don't Forget! Tomorrow, November 16 at Noon PST, 3pm EST, 8pm GMT, I am hosting a Round Table Q&A Discussion on HitFilm tips and techniques with...

    Frank aka @spydurhank
    Tony aka @NXVisualStudio
    Tony aka @DafterThings
    Greg aka @GrayMotion
    Mike aka @Triem23

    I would be honored if you would please consider joining us. Don't forget to set your YouTube reminder now so you don't miss it!

  • Kills me I have to be away from the computer for this one.  Have a good show guys.  Break a leg!

  • Don't Forget! Today at 3pm EST, Noon PST, 8pm GMT, I am hosting a Round Table Q&A on HitFilm techniques with...

    Frank aka @spydurhank
    Tony aka @NXVisualStudio
    Tony aka @DafterThings
    Greg aka @GrayMotion
    Mike aka @Triem23

    Set your reminder now!

  • Great live stream guys, if anyone missed it I would recommend taking the time to watch it.

  • I second that recommendation!  Fun and informative.

  • Yup! Good time! I liked hearing more about how @DafterThings puts his projects together. 

    Then Sensei, @NxVisualStudio Dafter and I chatted in the "green room" for another hour-plus. 

  • Loved it, my dog thought I had people over so he barged in the room with the biggest smile on his face, apologies for the sudden mute! He's a big boy and tanks in knocking stuff over xD 

    Thanks everyone who popped over to watch <3 

    Mike with that superior radio voice! wish I had that xD 

  • I am amazed at how fast the time went.  It did not seem like a 2 hour show sitting at the computer.  I never felt restless or found myself watching the clock.

  • Thanks everyone for being there. It was a great time. Here is the link for anyone who missed it...

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    Yes. A very enjoyable and relaxing  way to spend a couple of hours in great company including all the people in the chat. The time shot by for me and I'd be up for doing it again sometime.

    p.s. I still stand by my comment on Twinkies.

  • @DafterThings ; Don't know if you caught my comment about trying a deep-fried twinkie or not, Tony.  It's a staple here in Hillbilly Hell Kentucky at county fairs and such...:)  So are the Oreos...

  • @tddavis I saw you comment. I've had a deep fried twinkie once. That comment brought back some baaaad memories! :)

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    I've had deep fried pizza, Mars bar, Snickers and a Curly Wurly.
    I can believe that a Twinky is about the only thing that is improved by the process.

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator
    edited November 2019

    Finally got to watch the episode this morning.  @Triem23, I noticed your Trek hoodie right away.  Looks like you and Jay coordinated. :)  Great job everyone!  I picked up a few things and thanks for the Y-wing breakdown.   The discussion on depth layers makes my head hurt, especially with 3D unrolled and the G-Damn clipping plane problem when you embed comps.

    BTW, @DafterThings the only thing that will survive a nuclear holocaust are roaches and twinkies.  (At least they'll have something to eat.)

  • @Triem23 I haven't heard anyone mention the Quantel Harry since the nineties.  What a trip through the Way Back Machine for that one!.  Now all the kids have millions of dollars of effects on their laptops.  WTF?  All the old guys are going, "I used to have to animate backwards with a limp uphill in the snow." 

    But you still gotta have talent.  All this stuff (AE, HF, Blender, etc.) is just part of a toolkit.  Still have to hone the skills. 

    @FilmSensei Thanks for making these get togethers possible.  This is exactly what I envisioned when I proposed a round table to FXHome.  Thank you for taking up the mantle.  This is great for the community.  The couple of hours it took to watch the episode felt like I was spending time with friends.  Awesome!

  • Totally fun time!

    @DafterThings @FilmSensei I think twinkies appeal more to the kiddies. I used to like them when I was young, but now... Ick.

    @tddavis deep fried twinkie just sounds scary, and why would one ruin a perfectly good oreo with deep-fry? Then again I'm a guy who once went to a "bacon wrap" party (friends got a new deep-fryer), and, when we ran out of other things, I started bacon wrapping bacon. That actually works. The outer bacon was really crispy, the inner bacon was chewy.

    @Stargazer54 Yeah, the Harry. WOW. Such an expensive machine that did such terrible photon torpedos.... "Limping backwards, uphill in the snow!" HAH! I'd not go that far, but I do remember my pre-AE (pre-Hitfilm) days where I was working on animated titles and motion graphics in Photoshop and exporting each frame as a PNG... I had one that was a "news-type" background with moving text. I programmed actions so that I'd highlight the relevant BG layers, run it's action (which moved it), then hand-tweaked the main title layer. Took me two days to generate 15 seconds of animation, but there was one mis-aligned frame...

    We won't even get into trying to replace the sign on a bus by hand quad-warping every frame. Can you say jitter?

    @NXVisualStudio I took a couple of notes on your sun flares after my rewatch.

    @DafterThings I'm still amazed you animated that in three hours, and I love the concept of building the set on a lazy susan, but, yes, in the long run, virtual sets will make you life easier. There are a few tricks to making sure your virtual camera matches the focal length of your actual camera, but I've got a tutorial on that. Ultimately it's noting a couple of things about your camera, then plugging a couple numbers into a really basic equation.


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    @Triem23. :)  To be perfectly honest, I have had none of the deep fried fare at fairs.  Poor Dafter sounded so horrified by twinkies au natural I thought I'd blow his mind with the options.  At my Jabbaesque weight, I tend to avoid most fried foods anyway. :)

  • @tddavis

    *In my best Jabba voice* Terry, ma boo-kee... why you look so maclunkey? 

  • @FilmSensei ; :)  Still easier to say than "deep fried fare at fairs."

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