Extreme Issues with Playback Performance

I know I should look under 'Frequently asked questions' but I think it will fit better here. I have a video that is taken in 120 fps on high settings (not sure if 4k or 1080,  need to upload to youtube to see what it marks it as) and I am trying to go through with playback and my quality is on the lowest playback settings possible. And when I try to play it without intensive effects it is un-usable. So laggy. I will try to bring my settings to 1080p again. (pretty sure that my settings are close to 4k? not sure. I'm using obs and CQP which doesn't give a specific quality and nothing online is there to guide me) I would love to be able to edit this video because I think it is gold but with 2 tracks and greenscreen in play on the lowest settings, there is no way that I can edit like that. SOS PLEASE SEND HELP


  • What are your hardware soecs? CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage? Ultimately your hardware is going to determine Hitfilm performance, and my guess is you're on a low-end machine.

    The other thing that affects performance is the format of the source video. Chances are an OBS stream is a very highly compressed - high resource file. Chances are you will improve performance by transcoding your video to an optimized mp4 format, or Pro-res/Cineform.

    This video gives the details of why certain formats work better and several ways to transcode. 


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    i5-4430 intel

    12gb ram

    does this softwarehave gpu encoding?

    and like 187 gb of storage on a HDD. Yeah its slower on that i guess but sdd it takes so much room. and windows 64 :) thanks

  • Oy, the software does have GPU encoding, but the integrated GPU on your machine is an Intel HD 5000, you have an HD 4600.

    Since you're on an HDD I don't recommend Cineform/Pro-res. 

    Best advice is to use the video linked above. It the YouTube description are timecode links. You need to look at the section on using Handbrake to transcode your files to "Norman AVC." These are file settings optimized for Hitfilm editing. 

    Otherwise, there's not anything you can do other than upgrade your hardware. That's a whole different discussion. Long story short you should upgrade your CPU, RAM, GPU, RAM and storage - so, everything. 

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