Issue with quad warp and mocha track.


I have created a successful track  with Mocha, in which the camera moves towards a building. I have used one of the windows to track the plane. Then I have created a text and used quad warp to have its perspective match the window. The issue with it is that the text is bounded by the tracking frame imported from mocha. How would I go about still using the quad warp, but it not limiting the text within the window boundary?


  • You don't. You make the text layer 3D, parent it to the center point and rotate it into position. 

    The Quad Warp effect literally maps the clipping plane to the four points. 

    Edit: While typing I realized you could have a different issue. Check your text layer for masks. If there are any, delete them. 

    One, the other, or either solution will work. 

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    I have checked the text layer, it has no masks. Then I tried your other suggestion. Parented it to the tracking layer center. Now it appears to follow and scale with the movement. However, how to perspective distort it so it fits onto an imagined plane? The quad warp was convenient because it distorted the text layer onto the plane I used for tracking, in this case the window. But it keeps the text boxed-in in the tracking area.

  • You might find yesterday's video tutorial helpful:

  • Thanks for the video link.

    I am not sure if I am getting this right.

    When I import the solve, there is no quad warp in the composite shot. I have to manually add it, then pin it onto the layer by selecting the four corners to match the named layer corners. Then the item, in this case a text layer is correctly attached to it and follows the camera and perspective. However, when trying to scale it or move it around, the text always remains within the boundaries of the solve framed box I created in mocha. Anything outside of it is not showing, as if there is a mask on it.

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