Can't Scroll Left or Right in Editor Timeline

Why do scroll left and scroll right not work in the timeline anymore? I have buttons mapped to scroll left and right which I used all the time but ever since version 13 those buttons stopped working. Now I have to manually move the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I am missing? Or does nobody else use scroll left and right to quickly and easily move around the timeline?


  • Can you expand on Buttons? Are you talking about keyboard keys or some sort of other button?

  • I have a Razor Orbweaver. So essentially programmable keyboard keys.

    I had mapped two of those keys to the scroll left and right functions. I know it worked in the past, and the only thing that changed was updating to version 13 of HitFilm.

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    I don't know exactly how your keyboard and its software works, however I do have a couple suggestions:

    1. Check the key assignment software to make sure the keys have not accidentally been unassigned. If it allows reassignment for specific software, confirm that the custom mappings are still being applied to HitFilm.

    2. Ensure that the key you are using doesn't have an assignment in HitFilm's shortcut menu (File > Options... > Shortcuts). HitFilm may be overriding your custom keys.

    3. Make sure your cursor is floating over the Editor section of the window. If it is over the Viewer or another part of the interface, scrolling will not work (or you'll scroll something else).

    I just tested side-scrolling (using a touchpad) in HitFilm 13 and 13.1 and it worked perfectly, so it appears to be some sort of issue with your particular setup. 

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