Exporting isn't working

Hi all,

I'm new to this software and have been tinkering around with it for a couple of hours. I quite easily cut and edited the video clips I wanted into a very short film (only about 10 seconds), but now when I try to export it I am having one of two problems.

 Either it reports an error almost immediately with the phrase 'Process Finished Unexpectedly', or it says 'Starting' under the progress bar and then seems to sit there doing nothing. Almost 20 mins have elapsed since my export 'started' and there is no percentage or sign of any progress. Am I being impatient or am I doing something wrong?



  • TheBenNorrisTheBenNorris Staff
    edited November 2019

    @rileyinlondon can you check you have permission to write to the export and snapshot directories found under File->Options->Export. This seems to be a recurring issue with a few users.

    It will also be useful to know the specs of your machine, as well as if you have up to date drivers.

    If you're still having difficulty, then feel free to send our support a ticket so we may be able to investigate further.

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