Does getting a good GPU really impact Hitfilm Pro's performance that much ?

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At the moment I have a fairly new i7-7700k, 16GB ram, SSD, Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3P LGA1151 motherboard.   I built this myself as an audio editing machine and it runs smoothly.

I am thinking of buying Hitfilm Pro, but only have onboard graphics.  If I buy a GTX 1060 or an RX 570, what performance increase could I expect.  Will it be twice as fast, ...30% faster?  I know being exact here is hard, but give me some idea.  I want to mainly do particles.

I am looking at preferably under $200 spending.  I am assuming you guys recommend the GTX 1070, but are there any other more recent GPU's you recommend in this price range?


  • Of those two choices, Hitfilm has hardware decoding on the timeline for most mp4 files on Nvidia hardware. Not for AMD. For this reason I tend to recommend Nvidia.

    Many other factors can impact on Hitfilm performance from your RAM to storage to bloat from OS and other software, so exact predictions are hard to make. That said. 

    In Hitfilm the CPU does source video frame decoding, particle physics and a few other things, as well as write rendered frames to drives. The GPU does all effects and rendering, so lots of heavy lifting.

    Benchmarks are imperfect, but still helpful. In general the RX 570 is about 630% faster than the integrated Hd 630. The 1060 benches about 700% faster. Either one will show significant improvement. Probably at LEAST three times as fast (if not, something else is a bottleneck).

    If you were to look at benchmarks, Hitfilm is Open GL, so that's the type of thing to look at.

    Oh, I recommend the Nvidia 1660 over the 1070 if you're on a tight budget. 

  • @Ian_SAfc I can't give an exact number or percentage on what improvement to expect, but you should consider that almost all of the rendering and calculations of effects are done on the GPU, using an onboard GPU would heavily reduce the potential for your system.

    I personally am an AMD fan, and have an AMD RX 580 which falls into your range whilst offering pretty high performance. However, Nvidia cards typically work better with HitFilm, and a lot of the backend supports built in features of Nvidia cards more than it does AMD cards, which should make a difference on performance. I would suggest a 1060 if that is the limit on your price range.

  • I have a mix of amd and nvidia cards in my workstation. Hitfilm does okay-ish with a 4 gig gtx 970 and it does all right with a 32 gig Pro Duo Polaris. Performance gets better and faster every new Hitfilm release. :)

  •  thanks all, something to think about...

    I did build my current desktop, but must admit to not knowing a huge amount about GPUs.

    For example, with the GTX 1070 & 1060, there are different models:  ASUS GeForce, EVGA GeForce, PNY GeForce.  ZOTAC etc.   There are also "superclocked" ones.     Is there a particular "version" the the GTX 1070, or 1060 that I should be focusing on?


  • @Ian_SAfc the prefix/company name before the "GeForce" is because Nvidia design and provide a spec and the actual processor chips, then the companies such as ASUS or MSI use these designs to build the cards to roughly the same specs, customized with different coolers, software, overclocking etc, but mostly they are all very very similar in terms of performance.

  • Ok, so an ASUS gtx 1070 will work fine on my Gigabyte MB... and there'll just be very minor performance differences between all the models.  

  • @Ian_SAfc yes, there is rarely any major difference between cards with the same model number/name.

  • Nvidia works like a beast, providing you have a ssd that you are running your footage from

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