Export Foundry Tracker Data?

Is there any way I could export the Foundry tracker data and, say, put the camera solve data into Blender? I'm more familiar with Blender's rendering and it's faster than Hitfilm on my computer, so I thought if possible I could track in Hitflim, render digital backgrounds in Blende, then take the rendered video and do my chroma keying back in Hitfilm.


  • The person to ask would be Frank... @spydurhank

  • Thanks @FilmSensei , :)

    You'd need to be able to do it on the Hitfilm side due to Foundry licensing and such things.

    Early stages yet but I am sparingly working on an importer-exporter on the Filmer-Blender 2.82 side that will both import a 3D Hitfilm composite shot and export an entire 3D scene as a Hitfilm Composite Shot. It is tricky though. :)

  • @spydurhank I believe that would be tricky... but it would be really cool!!!

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    @FlimSensei @spydurhank it would be cool!

    Well, now I must get back to doing a shot list AND sound cue sheet for my fifty-page script... *fun*

  • Tip: don't go overboard on your audio Q sheet at this point. You'll absolutely need to mark SFX characters react to, but, otherwise, the edit will change the audio Qs... Save the hardcore audio Q sheet for later. It's good you're thinking ahead, and you can be scouting out/creating SFX before shooting as time allows, but, at this stage script, shot lists, props, costumes, and VFX tests are your priority. Audio is later in the process. 

    Any time I've had to do heavy SFX work before the edit audio needed to be redone... Especially animation*. 

    *Boring story... Working on a series of animated shorts producers demanded complete audio mixes before animation cuz the rich idiot in charge "read a book" that said audio was recorded first... Couldn't get him to understand that was DIALOG ONLY so animators could do mouth movements... Of course the animation comes in and nothing matches... Like I did the "walk on snow" SFX at nine frames per step and the animator did ten frames per step. Lotta re-edit, going over time and budget. 

    Of course when the producer tried to blame me for this I slid over printouts of my memos with the sections on how we were gonna go over time/budget because of doing things in the wrong order highlighted. 

    That producer ended up not liking me very much. 

  • @Triem23 thanks, I'll leave the hardcore stuff for later. Things like foley I'm not including, just stuff I'll need to record beforehand to have on set and when I'm on set what to record (room tone, etc.).

  • Ok, planning room tone and wild sounds is smart! (FYI, in the industry "wild sound" refers to sound fx, audio pickups of lines, or anything recorded on-set not synced to picture. Like if you're recording audio of something hitting the wall that isn't an actual script take - that would be wild sound.)

  • Oh snap, I forgot the reason that I first replied as  this is about Cameras, whoops. :)

    Also in early stages but I'm also writing an Auto Camera Tracker for Filmer because I really, really want it. :) 

  • @spydurhank ;That would be really cool!!!

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