Translating 3d effects into a 2d transparent rendered video clip- Need some help

I am new to HitFilmPro and am trying to find out how to split the screen so that I have a 3d enviorment where I am creating an animated background of different colored light streaks going across the sky area that can be translated into the transparent render that I have as an mp4 over in the 2d clip. Can anyone point me in the right direction in how to do this? Or will I have to make the background in a seperate project and then set it in behind the transparent rendered video clip?


  • I think I might have figured it out. Simple stuff, create a composite shot as a layer under the transparent 2d render video and have away with it.  

  • Although this is an older tutorial and the software layout is a bit different, the way to split-screen using the Effect is fully explained for you.

  • @tddavis ah that makes sense, I can't see the deleted post or anything so I guess I couldn't know, might be worth noting for future forum improvements.

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