Hide Tutorials panel from startup

is there any option to hide the tutorials panel at startup,

the problem is some of the published content maybe not comfortable with few people, especially when "Horror VFX" tutorials  become on the top.

Thanks for your understanding.


  • There isn't an option to hide the Home page content, sorry. We have removed the thumbnails containing more graphic imagery, though, and will be creating new images for the Home page thumbnails before those links are restored.

  •  It seems @AxelWilkinson that with ver 13 the old truck of loading the project by double clicking on your project file or a blank project template or loading while inside Hitfilm all now still sure the splash screen. 

  • @Andy001z If the project was saved on the Home screen, then it will open to the Home screen. Otherwise, opening an existing project should still take you directly into the Edit screen, where it was saved. I tested a couple projects, and it's still working that way for me.

  • Thanks AxelWilkinson for the quick action & response, that's will make me renew the license again for sure.

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