I can't modify the color of my projects

I am not new to color grading or editing in Hitfilm, but I can't for the life of me modify my project.  Even if I wanted to ruin the colors I can't do that.

On my current project I am working on the editor.  I dragged a clip on, set a in point and out point for what I need and then dragged on exposure pro.  I wanted to tweak it just a bit.  Nothing, no reaction.  I tried tossing on any number of effects and nothing.  If I go to export the preview from the editor will show horrible coloring I threw on.    So why is my Viewer in the editor not showing anything?


  • Okay so when I hit play the effects seem to kick on, then shut off when it pauses.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hey, Michael, take a look at this video from Film Sensei.


    Now these controls have been moved since Jay made this video - they are now at the bottom right of the viewer - but you obviously have different playback/paused quality settings. Oddly enough you're also currently a little backwards from what one would normally do (i.e. turn up Quality/resolution settings in "Paused" for detail work, then turn down quality/resolution settings for "Playback" for smoother updates)!

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