Problem with a Transparent PNG File

I am having a problem with a ProductionCrate PNG file called "GraphicsCrate-Moon_Explosion_Debris_1-5000x1695." In HitFilm Pro 12, the transparency works fine, but in HitFilm Pro 13, there is a problem.

Has anyone else had this problem transparent PNG files?


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    @FilmSensei ; I can confirm I get the same result with the high rez image.  I tried the 720 and it works as expected, so it undoubtedly has to be a ProductionCrate booboo.

    Edit:  Jay, I brought the high rez one into Paintshop Pro 2020 and it showed okay with transparency, so I saved it back out and re imported into Hitfilm Pro something or other and it was fine.. 

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    @tddavis What is strange about this is that the exact same asset works as expected in HitFilm V12 but is not working properly in HitFilm V13. That's what has me puzzled. What is different between the two versions of HitFilm? The asset is literally the exact same, so there is no difference there.

    Edit: I brought this asset (and a couple of other ones) into Version 12. I made them into composite shots and then exported them into a new png file. That new png file works as it should in Version 13. Very interesting! Thoughts anyone?

  • @FilmSensei ; You're right it is quite a puzzler.  I missed you said it worked in 12 when I posted before and on re reading it had me confused.  It's really weird that a composite will transfer forward with no problems. It does seem to indicate something is amiss in 13.

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