Electronic gimball for dslr under 200€?


I've always wanted to have a gimbal but they all have very high prices. I'm looking for an electronic gimball (such as the DJI Rohin-SC) for a dslr camera (Panasonic lumix DMC-FZ300). Are there any options under 200€?

If so, please tell me because I do need one cheap gimball for my next proyect :)



  • They might exist (like a china clone) but sadly it is often the case you pay for what you get.  If it looks to good, then it probably is. 

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    Thank you for your response. I agree, I think the only option is a china clone. But I'm shock. The incredible DJI Rohin-SC is 350€, my budget is only 100€ less. Is there  any decent option in the market at that price point?

    Is there an ok "china-clone" under 200 gimball you would recommend?



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    Great product for an action camera, but not for DSLR...

    Found this Feiyu  G6 Plus: Just 200 bucks and works for DSLR. Cons: Only 800 grams...

    Zhyun crane M: More expensive but capable of handling 2.5Kg

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    8KMAX, Try Ebay, If you don't mind getting used gear, I've been seeing Zhyun cranes (dslr size) there for under 200$/€.

    Side note:in case you do  try ebay and don't already know, be careful, there are lots of fraudulent sellers advertising Popular items at very cheap prices.

    Ether way, good luck on your hunt👍🙂

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