[SOLVED] Sound in a COMP not being played in editor or if nested comp

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Hi, tried this with two comps and found that if a COMP has a WAV or MP3 in it, if I then go to either to the editor and play my comp in the editor it plays no sound (Yes sound is on and enabled). Also if my comp is a nested comp and I go up one level it also does not play the sound.

Is this a known issue? or have I completely miss understood sound in Hitfilm.


  • Hi @Andy001z,

    I made a project in the fashion you described but I cannot replicate your issue. I can hear the sound of the comp both in the editor and by nesting it into another comp.

    However here are some things I would advise you to check:

    1. Audio level of the sound(s) in the comp: Make sure that they are set to a reasonable level (e.g. 0.0 dB):

    2. Audio mixer level in the editor (if you don't see the panel, use the View > Panels menu to show it):

    3. Audio tracks in the editor: When dropping a comp onto the editor make sure that a corresponding audio track also appears:

    4. You could also add a plane and the Audio Waveform effect to the comp in which your original comp is nested into to see whether the sound data is "arriving" or not:

    Finally, you can download my test project here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UC6yldzsRrtgWZu52GOk850pmsz4WDl3/view?usp=sharing

    I hope this helps you tracking down the issue!



  • Hi @Cronoxyd thanks for that helpful response, and although all helpful, I figured out what has occurred. 

    So I had originally created an empty comp for my effect to be worked on. This was then placed into the Editor timeline pre any audio being added to that same comp. Now after working on other comps and audio I have noticed that because the original comp had no sound it had not automatically created a sound layer in the editor. If I drag the same come back to the editor timeline it now brings with it the new audio layer, so sound it now heard. My challenge now is that I have multiple layers with sounds to fit it in. To be honest I think Ill not bother and do sound editing on an exported video.

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