Looking for Alien 3D model; Can anyone help me out

For a film that I'm making I need a rigged 3D alien model. Something somewhat high-quality but I have a maximum price of $100. Really anything over $50 is pushing it. So I know I can't get anything super nice but I want to find the best I can with the budget I have. I've tried finding one myself but all the things I find are just the generic alien "little green men with big head" sort of thing. Looking for something unique.


  • @HeySiri ; There are 2 or 3 alien looking characters at Mixamo which has the advantage of having all kinds of actions readily available too.  

  • @tddavis nothing was quite right for me. It was either too human or too grotesque to the point of looking fake?

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    Found these at CGTrader.  The first is animated and rigged but very alien   The 2nd is rigged but female All are paid models but low cost (less than $20):




    Hard to know exactly what you are thinking of but if you haven't looked there already; scan through the pages of Aliens at Cg Trader.

  • @tddavis I’m using my phone which is really slow when using CGtrader so I’ll get a better look later but they all look interesting. I’ll also check it the users who made those models to see if they’ve made variations.

  • @HeySiri ,

    Do you have a basic idea in your mind of what you would like the alien to look like? Any reference pics? 

  • @HeySiri ; I did that on the female alien and he has some nice human models but alas no male alien like that one.  Didn't look at the other artists though.  I can't do hardly anything on my phone, so I feel your pain.

  • @tddavis @spydurhank I have no real ideas to be honest. Humanoid and human size in general 

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    Strictly for reference as to what @spydurhank mentions  ..according to Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Erich Von Daniken, Linda Moulton Howe and a host of others  there are only a few known extraterrestrial beings at the moment..

    Nordic Aliens - Pleiadians, Space Brothers

    Greys - Nuff siad

    Reptilian - Reptoids, Dinosauroids, Lizardmen - Draco Star System

    Mantis - Insectoid

    Blue Avians - (bird like - Think Egypt) Sphere Alliance 

    Anunnaki - 

    Keep it real!! 👍

  • @HeySiri ,

    There is so much stuff out there I bet you'll find something nice. I'll link you if I find something cool looking. :)

  • The paid version of Production Crate has a couple rigged aliens:


    I've found the subscription WELL worth the price.  I think it is in your budget.  And it would also open you up to their other assets.



  • @JBaymore I've looked into ProductionCrate and it does seem pretty amazing. Could you confirm the 3D alien model is has is textured and high quality? Those are both important to me. But since Production Crate comes with a TON of stuff along with it I'm considering it. I'm going to try to enter some contests to get it for free. That'd be amazing.

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    I'll have to do a test.  It'll take a few days.  But I'm guessing if you asked THEM... they could tell you.  I've found all the stuff I've used from them so far to be of great quality.  



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    @HeySiri ; Wre you talking about this one Alien Mixamo FBX?


    It was a bit fiddly in both Blender and Hitfilm, but with Hitfilm the eyes and mouth were in the proper place but had to be moved in Blender.  Also in Blender it needed a subdivision modifier to smooth it out as it seems low poly.  It does have an armature but I haven't tried adding animation to it yet in either Blender or Hitfilm or taking it back into Mixamo for that either.  It doesn't have animations included that I see. Oh, there was no texture for the eyes just a lambert shader so I made them weird green cause...alien, you know :)

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    @tddavis that looks like the same alien on ProductionCrate...

    But I never noticed that one. I'll take a look at it.

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    @HeySiri ; Yes, it's ProductionCrate's.  I was wondering if that was the one you were referencing above?

    This is the other I saw:


    Only tried it in Hitfilm so far.  There is textures for the eyes and tongue but Hitfilm doesn't have then separated out so it will need tweaking in a 3D program to get them usable, I think.

  • Hey HeySiri, by any chance you get the model. I can help you during the animation process for free.

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    @Idduland I’m currently on a trip and don’t have much free time (Disneyland 😁) but I’ll be getting home Sunday night. So sometime after that once I can spend more time back here I’ll take a look at the model. Am curious about you helping me during the animation process though.

  • @HeySiri No problem just lemme know when you need help in , Rigging and animation or mocap issues. I am freelancer and i am not busy most of time..I have some free time to help out my friend🙏

  • Disneyland? That's basically my area (I watch the fireworks from the back patio most nights). 

    You got really good weather for your trip. Last week was pretty baking hot. 

  • @Triem23 that’s cool I’m somewhat close haha. The weathers been nice, yeah. Rained a bit yesterday and it got really muggy but we spent plenty of time on indoor rides that we hardly noticed.

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