Foundry tracker and object placement not working as expected

Hi, so I might have miss understood the vids on this but it looks pretty simple to track the scene then have you 3D model placed in the scene and stay in position relative to the camera. Nope, mine seems to have the object track the camera and not stay linked to the Null point I created from the foundry track data. If I look at the null it looks good, stays in its correct position nicely. However when I set the layer source for the 3d model to this point it just seems to ignore the data.


  • Does the model not stay in place?

  • @spydurhank No, it moves as if being pushed forward by the camera. I have checked it's linked to the null point that is created from a track on the floor. One thing I noticed when I created the point from the foundry track point it automatically linked the point layer to the floor layer.

  • @Andy001z Is your model suppose to be sitting on the ground? Maybe the Origin Point of your model is in the middle of the model and not on the bottom? If so, you will want to adjust the Anchor Point of the model itself. So for example, If it's a model of a car, you want to wheels of the car to be exactly on the Ground Plane, not the middle of the car. Make sure your model is parented to the ground Point that is created from the Foundry track.

  •  Hi @filmsensi I adjusted the anchor point, but the problem seems to be when looking to the null point it did not stay in position it moves. E.g imagine walking towards a fixed sign it would get nearer and bigger, but in my comp it moves away with the camera. 

  • @Andy001z I've actually had this happen a couple of times myself. I think I just did a re-solve. 

  • I had this problem then realised that the object's anchor point was moving as the scene progressed, but it was always locked to the selected point. I had the 3D object still set to 2D and I'd read somewhere that it should/can be switched to 3D Unrolled. Anyway, I did that and the whole object seems to stick to the point now. Does that make sense? If so, why does the anchor point move if it's 2D (still lots to learn)?

  •  Well good to hear others have had issues, I'll try again.

  •  Hi guys I played with this some more, taking on board everyone's comments and suggestions. I rebuilt it from the top, tested I know how to track a point and all worked fine, until that is I did my foundry track and tested the scene again. I did notice one thing, if I move my 3d object (droid) closer to the camera, it does appear to stay in place, but as I move it away it seems to move with the camera. I have taken a short screencap of the issue in the second part of the video you can see the droid seems to slide backwards with the camera. Is this some odd camera depth issue that I am just clueless about or should it not work as I expect (e.g. Track the scene, create a camera and scene, place anything in that scene and then that object should act more or less like a real world object moving closer or further away from the camera as it moves.

  • Hi guys going to nudge @FilmSensi and @Triem23 does this look wrong to you, see last post of vid.

  •  @Andy001z I you have a solid ground plane, the next question would be... Are R2's FEET on the ground plane? It looks like the anchor point is in the middle of R2. Is the anchor point on the level of the ground? That would be a cause for the apparent slippage.

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