DIY HitFilm plugin

Hello all!!!

I've had a few ideas for hitfilm plugins recently that I think would be VERY useful. I have basic programming experience and my father is fluent in C sharp C Plus Python and multiple other languages. He worked as a professional programmer for many years. so the programming of the plugin is not the biggest issue. However, I'm not sure where to start on the Hitfilm side of things. I believe hitfilm uses OFX, but OFX, is only usable for 2d effects, correct? 

For the main plugin idea, I have 2d effects is all I would need. So OFX would probably work. So if the plugin is written to OFX standards, it should work in hitfilm, should it not?


  • i think so.  i asked the same question but i can't recall the answer now lol

    and i think you need pro to do it (which is why i didn't bother).  i really wanted to be able to change my interface to something i can use better for me and have all the things i wanted to use more times than not just in one spot

  • You would have to contact HitFilm themselves at , or you could ask @spydurhank because he's made a plug-in, so Hank, tell these people, because I have no idea.

  • I'm not sure at all what OFX are or how they work @Mistery1307 ,

    My addons don't create an interface or ui in Hitfilm. They simply export files in formats that Hitfilm can open like .hfcs, .obj, .fbx and .abc. :)

  • Well, uh, then I guess contacting HitFilm would work.

  • Hi @Vagabonding101, HitFilm allows anyone to create and use OFX plugins, if you have HitFilm Pro specifically. If you do create an OFX plugin, it should work with HitFilm.

    Additionally, if you have some great ideas, it may be worthwhile checking out our wishlist thread, which is a document of all features users have asked for, so you might find another user has requested the plugins you intend to make, and if not, perhaps suggest them in case others would also like a plugin that achieves what you're hoping to accomplish.

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