VEGAS Post and...HitFilm?

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I'm really dumb founded at the moment.

I haven't subscribed to VEGAS Post, as of yet, but it seems very evident that it is Hitfilm Pro + Imerge with (PERHAPS) the added advantage of it being better integrated.

Is this FXhome severing the VEGAS + HItfilm integration? 

In fact. . .Is there a point to buying Vegas Post, when I have both Hitfilm AND Imerge?


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    Where are we now?   Can anyone from FXHome fill in the details?

  • @Triem23 I know you're not FXhome staff, but maybe you know something we don't.

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    I know nothing. I had applied to beta test Vegas Post, but, varied things happened with life around May and I never completed the process. *shrug* 

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    I just tried it under the 365 package.

    Vegas Effects is Hitfilm without an Editor timeline.
    Vegas Image is Imerge.Pro.


    ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TIMES BETTER in Integration Performance.

    If I understand the About info correctly, branded under Magix but (THANK GOD) managed by Fxhome. All documentations and links point to the FXhome website, though for whatever reason I can't log in. I think I understand where FXhome is headed with this @JoshDaviesCEO ; is a $#@!king genius. I'm gonna stay quiet so I don't jinx it.

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    @Hictor that's about what I figured it would be. :-) With everything written to directly link rather than deal with a plug-in architecture. Oh, and the BIG thing in Vegas Image is actually compositing video/photo with 32-bit source media rather than creating an 8 or 16-bit verson.

    I'll be wanting to look at it soon, but finances are REALLY tough right now. REALLY tough.

  • @Triem23 ;

    That being said, it comes with Hitfilm's limitations as well.

    So, my GH5 10 Bit All Intra footage won't load.

    I'm guessing its something on FXhome's end.

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    With this development I feel the need to ask a real noddy question that's been bugging me ever since imerge was released: what is it for? How do people use it in their video workflow?  Sure I use still images from time to time, but why would I need to composite them differently than using the tools in hit film? 

  • Hey all,

    Thanks for the positive messages about VEGAS POST. Here is some clarification for you...

    VEGAS POST is a great product. Not only do you get VEGAS PRO 17 (and the other great software they bundle with that) but also two new products called VEGAS EFFECTS and VEGAS IMAGE. The whole bundle is offered at an insanely good price point considering the technology involved.

    VEGAS EFFECTS shares technology with HitFilm Pro (version 13-and-a-bit, but this will evolve as our product does). As VEGAS EFFECTS it comes bundled with VEGAS PRO, the editor is no longer present and instead the product is focused on being a VFX and motion graphics product.

    If you're a HitFilm Pro user, you can expect the same level of integration with VEGAS PRO 17 in our next major release. Other than the timeline, the other significant difference is that 3rd party addition (Foundry, Mocha and Boris) are not included in VEGAS EFFECTS.

    VEGAS IMAGE shares its foundations with Imerge Pro but without the batch capabilities which were built to replicate our older software PhotoKey. There is a great integration between VEGAS EFFECTS and VEGAS IMAGE, which will again become standard in HitFilm Pro and Imerge Pro when the next versions come out. There are no differences in the render engine - so if that has been stated somewhere, then please point it out.

    If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Any announcement when trial versions of Vegas Image and Vegas Effects will be available?

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    They're both practically HF & Imerge.. Whatever trial is on either is a trial for Vegas Effects/Image.

    If you're familiar with either, the only thing left out is a lightning fast integration (And to be honest, it felt pretty damn good when I tried it)

    That being said, I asked for a refund immediately after my curiosity was sated. 

    I love VEGAS Post, but I'll wait till I can actually buy it.

  • It is right the integration in Vegas Pro what I'd like to test.

  • Thanks Josh. Great news that future versions of HFP will have the same integration as in Vegas Post. 

  • @Triem23 ;

    I'd tag Josh, but I'm a tad shy to ask about something this minor:

    When he says "MAJOR RELEASE" he means, for instance, HItfilm 14? Or as in a patch with big updates?

  • @Hictor

    The next major release will be HitFilm Pro 14. Anything in-between we'd consider a minor release.

    -Steven (FXhome Staff)

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    @Hictor to speculate, I suspect Vegas Effects has a better pipeline with Vegas than the existing Hitfilm one. Changing the pipeline is changing core engine components, hence would be a "full number" update, while bug fixes, tweaks, new effects (which are DLL plug ins) and things that don't effect the core engine are "point updates."

    My next guess is the new Vegas Effects pipe will be moved to Hitfilm (so Josh's comment suggests). Engine change, so, HF14. 

    That said, we all know that HF 6 to 11 happened in about a year, and the April - end of July gap between 12.3 amdy13. 0 is the longest I can recall between updates, so that "major version" could be this month, could be November, could be next year after a 13.9. No clue.

    @StevenSpicer Hi, hardworking FXHOME dude I don't recall seeing before*. I assume you're relatively new to the company. Man, you're lucky to work in that office!

    *Edit: at least on this forum. Seen you post on the social media accounts. 

    @OliThompson get that man a STAFF badge, STAT! 

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    @OliThomspson Awesome! How 'bout @FXHOMEBenNorris? ;-)

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    Where does Ignite fit into this? If you have Vegas POST but what the effects from Hitfilm but without going to a composite timeline, do we still need to buy Ignite?

    Secondly, I understand that the HitFilm ignite plug-ins do not (currently) work with Vegas Pro 17. My subscription to Ignite ended in 2018 (as the few effects I use directly within Vegas do all I require). Can you confirm my Ignite will therefore never work with VP17?

  • @IamJoshuaDavies

    I'm really glad to see the synergy between FXHome and MAGIX --  We're all cheering and we wish everyone the best of success.  While you're growing the company, please help your faithful users grow their ability to compete in the market.   

    There are jobs I can't even bid on, because I can't match the look of AE.  The ultra smooth, pre-made transition packs, combined with the drag and drop motion graphics packs give AE users a huge competitive advantage for business and corporate videos.  How can it be that I'm out-bid and pushed aside by a new film school grad, simply because he's on the A-cloud platform?

    In Hitfilm, I have to slave over every slider and option to even come close.  Do you know what this costs me in terms of time and grief?   With zero-effort, anyone using AE can wipe up my sweat and tears, and outbid me on every job because in minutes they can dazzle clients with work that would take me hours and hours.   I don't know what I'm asking for programmatically.   Is it a Trapcode counterpart? Is it complete AE plugin compatibility?

    I can't afford to return to the Adobe tax -- it would be a bitter pill to swallow, not only because of the money, but even ideologically -- because I left it with a feeling of victory.    I'm free of it, but now I am suffering with a different kind of financial problem.  I can't compete.  What can your team do to make your users competitive?

    We don't need more ways to match Marvel film effects -- you've got them covered.  Effects don't make the video.  What's essential is a compelling message, combined with good film technique.  Dream:  A module that helps users create a compelling script, that includes ideas worth sharing.  With the greatest of admiration and respect...

  • VEGAS POST is pretty awesome, I've been throwing some very 3D heavy stuff at it for maybe two weeks and it just takes whatever I give it and asks for more. Very cool integration with Vegas. :) 

    May not seem like much but to me, being able to texture 3D objects with 32bit images quickly and smoothly in VEGAS IMAGE is soooooooooooooo awesome! I wish Imerge and VEGAS IMAGE had paint brushes, then I'd be set and wouldn't need to use Gimp or Krita to paint 3D textures anymore. :)

    I love it. :)

  • TimStannard - The Ignite Pro 4.1 update added support for VEGAS 17. Because an update was required to add that support, it isn't possible to use any version prior to the update in VEGAS 17.

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    The issue here I feel is that Hitfilm is tackling a niche that After Effects does not and vice-versa.

    AE was designed to have built-in vector painting animations, as well cater to creating powerful transitions.

    in contrast, Hitfilm is remarkably geared towards film rather than being an animation powerhouse. Think about it. How much you have to rack up to get 3D just imported in AE?

    I know you're not saying anything to compromise Hitfilm, but I think the reason why you're getting outbidded by the AE users is for the simple and honest fact that AE has been catering to the market decades longer then Hitfilm ever has.

    That being said, Hitfilm will eventually outbid AE in others.

    I emphasize with you on not wanting to return to the Adobe Tax, but I submit that sometimes the rent won't give us much choice. Even FXhome staff have occasionally pointed out strengths that AE maintains that Hitfilm was not designed for (or does not currently have)

  • Hello. please forgive me if this has been answered somewhere else but I just got vegas effects and realized its hitfilm without mocha. can I add it as if it was hitfilm express?

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    I believe the "Mocha Hitfilm" add-on is specifically designed to work with HITFILM, not Vegas effects. Mocha Hitfilm is a specialized subset of Mocha only available for Hitfilm Express/Pro users. There's also a "Mocha AE" which is only available for Ae users, and a "Mocha Continuum" which only works with Boris Continuum/Sapphire.

    All of these are subsets of Mocha Pro.

    Mocha Hitfilm cannot be purchased for Vegas/Vegas Effects. You can purchase Continuum/Sapphire for Vegas (both of which will add some amazing filters as well), or Mocha Pro OFX, which will run in Vegas, Vegas Effects and Hitfilm Pro.

    Understand Mocha is not an FXHOME product, but is Boris/Imagineer. It is Boris's decision as to what versions of Mocha are available and which hosts they are compatible with. It is not FXHOME's call on whether to make a "Mocha Vegas Effects," although they can certainly propose such to Boris.

    Mocha version comparison:

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