Apple Pro Res 4444 .mov not working in hitiflm

I just downloaded Film Riot's new Slime assests pack but it seem that they dont work in hitfilm. when I drop them in they stay a grey box and nothing shows up . (picture below) Ive updated to latest QuickTime 7 but I'm not sure that will do the trick, I'm going to restart after this post.


  • Are you running windows 10 or below? I had issues with mov folders on a old system that had 8.1 I had to convert the files, I got  anew PC windows 10 and works fine

  • Hi,

    I purchased the exact same pack and have the exact same issue, no solution so far for me...

  • Hitfilm does not need/use Quicktime to read Prores MOV files on Windows. It has native Prores support.

    I have some ActionVFX Prores 4444 files and they import and play fine. Hitfilm 13 tested. MediaInfo file specifics at end of this post.

    I am wondering if this problem file(s) is some other variant of the 4444 profile and there is some issue there Maybe XQ profile or ?

    I notice from the screenshot that Hitfilm is not showing an error on import. So Hitfilm thinks it understands the file. The media panel thumbnail may be blank. That is just the first frame which may be empty. It is empty/blank in the sample file I tested and listed here.


    Complete name : ...\
    Format : MPEG-4
    Format profile : QuickTime
    Codec ID : qt 2005.03 (qt )
    File size : 1.29 GiB
    Duration : 21 s 989 ms
    Overall bit rate mode : Variable
    Overall bit rate : 502 Mb/s
    Encoded date : UTC 2016-04-17 12:58:46
    Tagged date : UTC 2016-04-15 14:04:35
    Writing library : Apple QuickTime
    TIM : 00:00:00:00
    TSC : 2997
    TSZ : 50

    ID : 1
    Format : ProRes
    Format version : Version 1
    Format profile : 4444
    Codec ID : ap4h
    Duration : 21 s 989 ms
    Bit rate mode : Variable
    Bit rate : 502 Mb/s
    Width : 2 048 pixels
    Height : 1 080 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 1.896
    Frame rate mode : Constant
    Frame rate : 59.940 (60000/1001) FPS
    Color space : YUVA
    Chroma subsampling : 4:4:4
    Scan type : Progressive
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 3.785
    Stream size : 1.28 GiB (100%)
    Writing library : Apple
    Language : English
    Encoded date : UTC 2016-04-17 12:58:46
    Tagged date : UTC 2016-04-17 12:58:46
    Color primaries : BT.709
    Transfer characteristics : BT.709
    Matrix coefficients : BT.709

  • So I forgot to explain what I'm running. Im on windows 10 64bit, 16gb of ddr3, gtx 1070. I believe its the same issues with my other .MOV files. My Iphone footage isnt importing I have to convert it to .mp4 it shows the same grey window as my pro res clips.


    This is what I see in my trimmer on every frame. I thought maybe I couldnt see it because it was alpha but it doesnt show up. Ive also had this issue where gopro footage will do the same thing. Pretty sure its a .Mov/codec thing



  • One more screen shot of properties



  • So I thinkI found the issue, its apple pro res 4444 XQ, I dont think hitfilm supports XQ

  • For the records, I managed to convert them in simple ProRes 4444 (non XQ) with "shutter encoder " and it works like a charm in Hitfilm.


  •  @spaceEye so you converted before playback in Hifilm or converted as a test for anyone will issues?

  • I converted them before importing in Hitfilm since all the XQ version (78 files) plays as a grey plane in Hitfilm.


  • and doesn't loose any quality?

  • you could also use cloudconvert its fairy decent

  • I managed to convert them into regular AVC .MOV but not prores 4444.

  • I think I lost a bit of quality but it's not that bad. The conversion speed is decent with shutter encoder. I'll give a try to cloudconvert back home.

  • With a reasonable bitrate on the AVC encode your quality should remain visually fine. Lossy compression is lossy but with bitrate above some level it is really quite excellent to the human eye. As an additional measure in such a conversion I would prefer a 422 AVC encode but Hitfilm does not support 422 AVC. Nor does the hardware AVC decoders (Nvidia, Intel) Hitfilm and other editors use support 422. It is easy to get addicted to the performance of the HW decode.

    I converted my ActionVFX Prores stuff to AVC just so it takes up a ton less disk space. Most things with a "default" black background but some things, like smoke, with a white background.

    Converting to Prores 4444 HQ is an option to workaround this current issue in Hitfilm. ffmpeg would/should do this easily and fine.

    According to some info I can read online, 4444 XQ is just a higher bitrate profile of 4444. Same supported options between HQ and XQ. Just a different bitrate should not cause decode problems. That said, I see references of "up to 12-bit" for Prores 4444. HQ or XQ. It could be that normal, for lack of a better word, is 10-bit just like all other Prores. Maybe those 4444 HQ ActionVFX files I have that work fine are 10-bit. Maybe these problem XQ files are 12-bit and that is the problem in the Hitfilm prores decoder.

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    Film Riot are aware of this issue and that 4444XQ is less well supported than 4444 and I think they are making changes their end. The quality difference should be imperceptible.

  • Film riot made a new encoding of the slime pack, it's available for download (for those who bought the pack, just reuse the download link you received), now it works like a charm with Hitfilm. Great job Film Riot!

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