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Hi there, slightly silly question, recently started using Davinci and of course installed Ignite plugins. Some work, some not, I wonder if I can tweak Ignite effects directly on the  screen, say, I added an Electricity effect, I can`t seem to find any points on screen so I could tweak them by mouse, I have to type in values instead. Perhaps I need to acrivate smth or does Davinci work that way? I tried to do it in Editor, Fusion and Color pages, no control stuffon screen


  • i run into the same issue, my workaround (mainly for muzzle flash):

    use layer node,

    feed black into the node with ignite

    and use Resolve's node sizeing to locate it n space

    use mathop's in the layer node menu to overlay to taste

  • @HitfilmEnthusiast

    Maybe you can share with me what plugins you've used that don't work from Ignite on Davinci so I can see if I get the same issue?

    Give me 2 or 3 at most.

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    Bear in mind no host supports all the Ignite plug ins. This has to do with the limitations of the respective hosts.

    On the product page you can click the logos of the supported hosts and see which effects aren't supported in which host. Of the 185 in Ignite Pro, 30 do not function in Resolve. I'm not a Resolve user, so I can't speak to specific workflow, but check the effects list for compatibility.

    Presumably there have been changes in the Resolve engine in recent versions, so, perhaps more effects could be made Resolve compliant. That's up to the dev team. 

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    1) the muzzle flash effect works, but the on screen widget to locate it in space does not work, hence the workaround i mentioned above - the same effect on the same machine with a diffrent host (Avid) show the widget and interacts  as expected

    2) de-noise works, but again the on-screen widget to set regions to anayse does not appear leaving typeing in x/y coordnates -or- useing node sizeing in a prior node to place the region of the image into the unmovable box

    3) credit roll re-sets to 1 element on save, the workaound is to change to any other number and then the rest of the elements appear

    i'm using v16.0.b4 today on a z840/2x2687w_v3/2x1080 Ti/128g sys ram /64Tb on a SAS raid controler/Decklink4kPro i/o card



    the unsupported OFX do not appear in Resolve's OFX selection window, it not a case of an OFX  appearing but not working, it a case of an OFX appearing, and working but the on screen widget either does not appear, or it appears but cannot be interacted with.


  • @dshane

    To be fair, Resolve does have its quirks in certain areas (i.e, its titling can be a bit of an odd experience).

    I'll have a look at these the moment I get back and see what turns up on my end.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @dshane I can't speak with authority as I don't use Resolve, but I note that, while OPENFX is a cross platform standard it OFX filters require tuning for an individual NLE's UI and depend on the capabilities of the host. 

    Speculation: Resolve is node based and probably required extra Ignite tweaking to fit. The filters were originally designed for Hitfilm and the other Ignite hosts are layer-based. There's some obvious differences in implementation and order of operations. 

    Speculation: the widget displaying, but not functioning is probably due to Resolve's pipeline.

    Observation: Current version of Ignite lists Resolve 13/14 as it's host.

    Observation: Resolve had core engine changes in 15/16.

    Fact: a future Ignite update will recode for Resolve 15/16+.

    Speculation: perhaps that later version of Ignite for Resolve might crack the widget issue. Even better, changes to Resolve might enable more Ignite filters to be made compatible? 

    Obviously a lot of speculation, here. 

  • Reslove 16 has a number of updates related to OFX, i'm hopeful that a new version Ignite will follow along in time

    i'd rather wait, and have stable tools to work with

  • Resolve does not support the on-screen controls for Ignite effects. They must be edited using the control sliders.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    So, I think from what Axel writes it's a limitation in Resolve as I've brought up previously. Since Ignite is OpenFX it's going to be using a single code base across all hosts. The on-screen controls would be part of the core code, but Resolve cannot read them. 

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