Stabilizing a pan shot

Hello Hitfilm users. Currently I shot many shots around Dublin today. My only problem is the footage is shaky. I understand how to stabilize a shot and make it still but how do you actually stabilize a moving shot. I want to keep the pan in but reduce the camera shakiness. I don't want the shot to be still.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ok, what you want is called Warp Stabilization and Hitfilm doesn't do this (yet?) .

    So you'll need to use other software to render a stabilized pass. VirtualDub is free.

    Has a stabilizer plug in..

    And there are video tutorials

    Should get you going. 

    Side note: My wife and I spent a week in Dublin on our honeymoon. Absolutely gorgeous city. We also have dual US/Irish citizenship and  one day, I think we're going to go back to Dublin... To stay. We fell in love with the Emerald Isle - how could we not!

  • Also, a little more user friendly NCH Videopad 

    Actually its virtualdubs deshaker slightly repackaged in a different software, (after all, virtualdub is opensource)

    and in my opinion, is a little easier.

  • My bad, Forget about Videopad. Used to be that you could use the general editor for free, and buy it for access to the more features. In the latest version they're considering the ability to export video a paid feature. of course, they don't tell you that till the end.

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