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Not sure who to ask so I will post it here.

I have created my entry for the 200k Subscriber Competition, but it contains a small amount of the TARDIS sound effect from Doctor Who. Is this allowed, or should I remove it?

Thanks! :)


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  • Clause 14 says the entrant has to have the right to use all the content used in the competition entry.

    So for the purpose of this competition, best remove it for now, even though I know there's really only one recognizable TARDIS sound effect.

  • @JavertValbarr Thank you for the  clarification.

    I suggest that the rules be updated slightly for future competitions to make this more clear.

    For example, someone may want to submit a Star Wars light saber fight video, but that would certainly contain SFX that the user doesn't have the rights to use.

    Maybe include an example like the one above and explain why someone can't use those sounds, just to make it more clear?

    Or Hitfilm just needs its own sound effects library of close-but-not-quite famous sound effects :)

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    @ZachAlan_Productions sound effects copyright is a strange thing... LucasFilm actually gave assets to TheForce dot net long ago. If one finds those specific FILES, then you're cleared to use them, because they were specifically released for fan productions.

    Now, the BBC made a TON of sound effects available for non commercial work. The contest is non-commercial. If the TARDIS effect is in that library  grab it and append the relevant screen to your entry email. If it's in that archive and you show that, you have the right to use it.

    Good luck.

    If you want to make your own, the original sound is processed work over the sound of a kinfe scraping a piano string. 

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    Zach, try these  Maybe layered. They aren't the "real" TARDIS sound, but they would probably work well enough in an audio mix. And, Good to go!

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    @Triem23 too bad I missed these posts, I already submitted my other version. I will check out these sites though, thanks! 

    Edit: I think I have those SFX from the Force dot net, so good to know!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @ZachAlan_Productions yeah, figured you'd probably submitted already, but I tried. I'd say grab those sounds anyway. They would make good variations to layer in over the "real" TARDIS sound for a malfunctioning/in distress TARDIS. 

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