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There are times when I see a simple project and decide that I'll do the entire work on Hitfilm Pro, without making roundtrips between it and Vegas. The reason why I do commit to this mentality is because I think as users, we should probably invest time in figuring out the fastest possible workflows to get things done, given Hitfilm's restrictions as an editor.

That being said, I can't help but wonder if the priorities of the devs are right here. In fact, I happen to have the same exact problem with Serif when it comes to their line of products (namely, the delayed implementation of Right to Left languages, which is a HUGE problem. Thank god Hitfilm doesn't have a problem with RTL. WHEW!)

First of all ,I'd like to thank the development team for introducing new engine. This is has been a welcomed breath of fresh air. What I'm a little disappointed about is actually what we've been told to expect in the upcoming major update (even though, there's no denying that having a 3D tracker and bells & whistles from the foundry is HUGE!)

The reason for my disappointment is this: Hitfilm, already is a MASSIVE VFX powerhouse, with or without the upcoming updates.

As an editing software, however, the UI, whether because of the nature of its interface's programming or just the design is clunky in areas where it simply should not be.

For instance, expanding the thumbnails vertically of VIDEO & AUDIO should NOT be a mouse click and select operation. In Premiere or indeed Vegas pro, they are mapped to shortcuts on the keyboard. Why Hitfilm doesn't lend us this functionality or at least allow us to assign keys for this functionality is beyond me.

My second issue is the timeline itself. It just doesn't quite stretch as intuitively as Vegas' or Premiere's. When putting together a storyline, sometimes, we just dump the entire media into the timeline and cut,choose, assemble and duplicate there., foregoing the trimmer entirely. Hitfilm doesn't make that easy.

I just feel that Hitfilm needs to focus on standing on its two legs as an editor before expanding further in VFX. 

I remain forever commited to buying what I can buy, even if at times, I feel the software still isn't up there yet. The reason being I absolutely love the team & their personal interaction with the community, which I think sets them apart from the rest of the editing powerhouses.

I see a lot of people in the forums tooting the Blackmagic Resolve's horn, but I think what they fail to realize is that Blackmagic is a brand is also a cinema camera developing powerhouse. Their business model lends them a massive advantage.

Meanwhile, FXhome, to date remains the most community focused & community active post production developing brand I have witnessed to date. So it's only fair that I feel an honest, unquestionable sense of loyalty towards them.


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    In general, I mostly agree with you, but I also know that FXHOME does intend on continuing to improve the Editor. The recent hardware acceleration ties in, we now have color coding on the layers. In a recent livestream Josh discussed how layer locking is coming, how the Media Bin is being completely reworked  etc.

    As a Hitfilm user and fan myself, I do understand the impatience of waiting for improvements, but I temper that with reminding myself that FXHOME is a small company (in that same livestream Josh mentioned that the Hitfilm dev team is seven coders - compared to, say, After Effects which has several dozen devs), and with the knowledge that the company is invested in the user base  and does listen to us. 

    Speaking of the user base, when I started using Hitfilm in 2013 there were under 10k users. It was just over two years ago the users reached 1 million, now over 4 million. I speculate that  in some ways, FXHOME is moving out of a phase of being "victims of their success?" With exponential growth comes exponential user interaction - particularly customer care/support  which has to be taking more time.

    Anyways, I agree Hitfilm's Editor isn't as advanced as its VFX abilities, but FXHOME knows this as well, and they are working on it. That said, they DO need to keep improving the VFX end. For one thing, that's the "sexy stuff" that helps drive sales. "Hitfilm - new media bin!" isn't a great sales pitch. "Ae Plug-Ins in HITFILM!" is amazingly exciting and drives sales. FXHOME IS a business  and  despite how obvious it is the Staff love film and love their product, at some point decisions have to take into account the need to make money to stay in business and expand the business (I do know the office has grown over the last couple of years).

    So, you know, we wait impatiently, then be happy when our desired features come out. 

    Incidentally, I also round trip to Vegas a lot. I've used Vegas since v1 and doubt Hitfilm will completely replace Vegas for me. Largely because Vegas's ways of doing transitions is just better than any other software (just overlap things on the timeline! No faffing about with A/B tracks or other workflow), and because Vegas has incredible audio tools. But Hitfilm has crept more and more into my work. Hitfilm's pretty amazing for photo work too! Oddly enough I get better naturalistic results processing 32-bit images in Hitfilm than Imerge, Affinity Photo or OnOne Photo Raw.

    The discrepancy between Imerge and Hitfilm shows those two programs have different core code. Just a final observation. :) 

  • To be fair, HitFilm has always been about the Compositor first, and the Editor second, and it is doubtful that will change any time soon. I look at HitFilm as just another tool in the toolbox. Regarding what is is meant to do (Compositing), it is really good. Regarding it's secondary emphases (editing, sound, etc), it is passable, but not spectacular by any means. Having said that, the HitFilm Editor has come a long way since I started with it back in Version 2, but it still has a long way to go.

  • Here's to the best, gents.

    Here's to the best.

  • I think it's almost comical how much progress FXHome is making compared to how much Adobe is, since the FXHome team is so small... yet so much faster. :)

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