You Tube videos now require pressing play.

Just curious. Before about 2 to 3 weeks ago, when I selected a You Tube video from @Sensei or @FxHome etc., the video would play as soon as it opened up. Now there is the red play button in the center and I have to click it before it will play. Only a slight irritation, but was wondering if it is something I did to change my settings, or is it a global change to You Tube?  Thanks


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DataDesign on my phone  right now, videos autoplay for me. You can toggle autoplay off, so you might have accidentally done that.

    This blog should show that setting so you can check for yourself.

  •  @Triem23 thanks but that is what I already tried. I thought "Hey, what a smart person I am, I figured this out on my own." . But I was not that smart, so I posted here because that fix did not work for me.

  • @DataDesign I have noticed this as well, any time I get a notification email from youtube and I click the link, play button. Also if I open YT videos in a new tab

  • @JMcAllister

    Yes, that is what I have found, in my gmail notifications. It is only one ity bity click, right?

  • @DataDesign Are you watching on your phone, a tablet, a PC, Mac, or something else?

  • I can't speak for DataDesign, but I am watching on a Linux desktop, using Mozilla Firefox. (I have also observed this behaviour using Google Chrome.)

    I observe this behaviour when opening videos in a new tab, but not when opening videos in the same tab. (Also worth pointing out that for me, if I click on a youtube link in an email, it opens in a new tab.) I suspect this is probably the key - if you open several videos at the same time in different tabs, you don't want them all to autoplay.

  • @FilmSensei

    I am watching on Windows 8 PC. I have vowed never to watch any thing on my phone. :-)

    The reason I started this question is that it just started doing this. I have had this PC for two years.

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