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I started working as a motion designer for corporate events and video mappings few months ago, using Hitfilm and Blender3D only. Sometimes we have funny challenges to study, like this time when my client asked me to create an animation with pilgrim walking around the venue (we had a 270° projection) as they walk around the sacred stone in Makkah. In one day (at the same time I had to set the video servers, too...)


But I had no video equipment for a shooting, no actors or 3D models of pilgrims, so with my colleague we’ve bought a traditional cloth, went in a desert place to shot some walking action with my iPhone, and I replaced his face with sample images found on the internet...


Here is the process, I’ve learned many things during this job, that was exhausting but useful and the client was happy with the result :)


https://www.dropbox.com/s/yl3jn3b55u4ejdu/MP2019 breakdown.mp4?dl=0


  •  @Deweak ; You have much more patience with ridiculous requests from corporate types than I.   Turned out very nice but I would have thrown my hands up in disgust at the request.  :)

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    The thing is I was supposed to create all the contents for the event to replace the productions’s motion designer (he was unable to work on this project), and few days before the show when I arrived there I found out the guy was ok and did all the job, except the extra animations needed for the 270° screen. I could have told “fuck off” but it was hard to ask to be paid for a 10 days creation job if no image was used, so I said ok for this last minute mission, took a deep breath and three days later I was paid and on my way back home :)

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     @Deweak ; Great work!  And such a short turn around.   Also, good to see HF in use as a professional tool.

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    I sincerly think HF deserves its place in the professionnal workflows. Adobe is everywhere but people have to be aware there are other excellent tools doing the job...

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