Changed a setting and broke HitFilm. [Solved]

So I'm editing a film for the first time, and I was playing with the settings to see what I did and didn't like. One of the settings on the bottom right side of the viewer panel said something about screen 2. I clicked that as I have a dual monitor setup and thought, why not?
The second monitor went black... then the program froze. I could still do EVERYTHING else on my computer. I could even launch and play games. (Yes, I tried) That said, I shut down HitFilm, restarted it, and... even opening a new project it does the same thing. As soon as the scene opens, it's frozen. Monitor 2 goes black, I never have a chance to change the setting back.
So what did I try next? I rebooted my system. This also did nothing to solve the problem. I can't change the setting back because it freezes when I open a scene. I can't find any reference to it in the home window settings, so that's no good. I'd prefer not to have to reinstall, as I've found sometimes there are settings saved in the registry that don't get removed. When you reinstall your app, it goes right back to the way you set it.

Thoughts? Please don't ask what the setting was... I dunno lol. Maybe if you ss those menus I could check them and point out the setting. Hmmmm. I'm going to check for a driver update while I wait.


  • Updated driver... Nope.
    Deleted the HF cache... Nope
    Had a eureka moment and thought... I'll disable the second monitor!!!! Think it worked?......

    YES!!!!! As soon as the program could not find a second monitor it reset the setting on it's own. Which, btw, was under options, set screen. I can even open the project I was working on now.

    Problem solved. Thanks for taking a look for those that did.

  • @Sierrebrarc

    This sounds like an issue that we are already aware of. Are your two monitors identical? Are they using different scale factors?

  • They are identical, with the same scale. However, one is on a DP, and the other HDMI if that matters in any way.

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