Help with Harry Potter clash effect

Hello friendly people, I am in need of some assistance. I am working on a Hp spell clash effect (inspired off Hp 7 part 2) but there are some parts of the effect that I simply don't know how to make.

1. Is the sparks from the wands. Yes, I know how to use the particle simulator it is just that those in the movie are much more lava drip like.

2. Is the like the shockwave that is going to each side?

My version

The one I am trying to recreate.

If you know how to help would it really be appreciated. thank you in advance.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Express or Pro? This will determine what tools are available.

    I'll assume Pro, since you brought up the particle sim. The FXHOME YouTube channel has some Harry Potter tutorials to get you started. 

    Honestly  the difference between "sparks" and "lava" is mostly in the texture you'll choose and the colors you assign. The basic particle setup is mostly the same. 

  • First of all, yes it is hitfilm pro. Yeah but, I already have looked them (the tutorials) up it's just that I can't make it like "splat" on the grund. So How would you reccomend I did the texture?

  • Please isn't there anyone with some help to this?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    For texture, you can try the built-in texture or creating a custom texture, but a lava look is probably more about the color than the texture. You'll need to create a gradient in the lifetime panel going from yellow to orange  red  then gray as the lava cools.

    For lava hitting the ground you'll need to set up a deflector on the floor plane, which is covered in at least one of the existing tutorials you said you'd watched. If you're trying for a "splat" like liquid hitting the ground then breaking up, you'll need to create mobile emitters which are set to be "killed" by deflectors and spawn on death, so the mobile Emitter creates the splat when it hits the ground plane. 

  • Oh yeah, Mobile emitters! I completely forgot about those. Thank you for your help. :) Now I just need to figure out the displacement like effect for the shockwave.

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